46th – Rhode Island Remains Trapped at Bottom of Economic Pack


Rhode Island remains trapped at the bottom of the pack on the Center’s Jobs & Opportunity Index. The Ocean State comes in 46th place amongst the worst in the country trailing behind our neighbors. The index is a national ranking of states comprised of over a dozen variables derived from government reported data. It gives a more complete picture of the state of our economy than can be seen in the narrow unemployment rate alone. Based on new numbers, it seems that the national recovery may be stalling out in Rhode Island.

The people of the Ocean State want to prosper in an economic climate that rewards hard work, encourages small-business growth, creates quality jobs, and can lead to a better life for their families. Only through proven conservative ideas can we restore prosperity to our state. Our index is the best way to measure the progress of our state on a regular monthly basis. I encourage you to keep track of how Rhode Island is doing here. 

  • Jimmy Adams

    The few conservatives in this state, especially Allen Fung, should be harping all over this fact.