… Except that Rhode Island’s COVID Positivity Rate Is Lower than Two Months Ago

RI COVID Positivity Graph Bostom

Graph by epidemiologist Dr. Andrew Bostom basis State of Rhode Island data

At her press conference currently ongoing, Governor Gina Raimondo is announcing new restrictions on state residents, including reduction from fifteen to ten at social gatherings; no spectators at any sports for next two weeks; and fines, including fines on households, saying she doesn’t want cases to “explode”.

You’d reasonably conclude from these serious measures and language that Rhode Island’s case positivity rate, the newest panic-promoting selling point of the lockdown, was at a recent high, wouldn’t you?  In fact, as epidemiologist Dr. Andrew Bostom said yesterday on the R.I. Center for Freedom and Prosperity‘s “Mikes with Mics” and shows in his graph, above, the current, very modest rise in case positivity is actually lower than the modest rise of August 1.  Yet there were no additional restrictions at that time.

Let’s look at the graph again.  We can see that Rhode Island’s COVID-19 case positivity high was back on May 2.  We haven’t come anywhere close since then.

Remember also that current hospitalizations are also nowhere close to peak – in fact, at no time were hospitals overwhelmed.  And this was the sole goal of the lockdown.

The case fatality rate of the disease has proven a bust for talking up the lockdown due, oops, to its very high survival rate.  Concurrently, the lockdown has been real … er, unpopular for a while now, what with all the inconvenient deaths (suicide, unwillingly missed healthcare, overdoses) and wholesale destruction of people’s lives and livelihoods it is inflicting.  Accordingly, as noted, the new “selling point” of continuing a highly damaging and harmful lockdown has been the case positivity rate.  Except as we see plainly from that graph, this is a bust as well.

In short, it is starkly clear that any continuation of a lockdown, much less even more restrictions, is not justified by facts, science, the newest talking point or, most telling, the state’s own data.

  • Lou

    Fake News, Monique. You know repeating your lie about “And this was the sole goal of the lockdown.” in every post isn’t going to make it true.

    That graph looks pretty good to me. Why don’t you join me in congratulating the Governor for a job well done. If you want to see “a bust” compare your graph to the national one (or any recent one for a red state).

    • Monique Chartier

      Absolutely – congratulations to the governor for a job well done SIX MONTHS AGO. Why hasn’t SHE patted herself on the back and ended the lockdown??

      • Lou

        Well, for one by using your own bogus “sole goal of the lockdown” criteria, hospitalizations are on the rise.

        I suppose you are a believer in that lie that we are ‘rounding the corner’.

  • Mario

    I have the state’s positivity rate for yesterday at 13.25%. I suspect that the guy who made this chart is doing the same thing that the state does to minimize its score, dividing new cases by total daily tests, rather than new tests (1st time negatives + 1st time positives). The effect of doing it the way they do is that they maximize the number of tests recorded even though some number of them are ineligible to be counted as a new positive, if positive. So previously known positive cases are added to the denominator if they are now negative, and if they are positive they are quietly removed. I was critical of that method months ago, and I remain so. It’s dishonest. They just wanted to say that the state had dropped below 5% when it wasn’t yet true.

    Things really are much worse now.

    Edit: Sorry, yesterday was 14.5%. 13.25% was for the week ending yesterday (that guy used seven days, so I was trying to compare like with like).

    • Monique Chartier

      I don’t stipulate either way about your numbers, Mario, except to say that if they are accurate, they would point to COVID being extremely, rapidly contagious, even more than everyone thinks; to the point of not being controllable by any means.

      Bigger picture: in your view, when should the lockdown end?

      • Lou

        “extremely, rapidly contagious, even more than everyone thinks; to the point of not being controllable by any means.” and you want to talk about the “Bigger picture”? What is the “Bigger picture” to you, you know, more important than the health of the nation’s citizens?

      • Mario

        I’d point out that we haven’t ever actually had a lockdown here. This is like when people complained that a cut in the growth rate of government spending was austerity. What we have had was some very mild, reasonable restrictions on personal activity. I don’t think they’d be more effective if they were stronger, though they could have acted faster, but I’d be in favor of stronger enforcement.

        • Rhett Hardwick

          Mass in response to COVID, has established a statewide curfew from 10PM to 5AM. I am curious as to exactly what behaviors, occurring between 10PM and 5AM, need to be curtailed.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Covid, Covid, another RI gangster has been sprung to protect his health.