Hair Braiders Should Have the #RIghtToEarn a Living

Oppressive Regulations Harm Low Income Families. Hair braiding is a generational and practical African-style art-form for Jocelyn DoCouto and her family, which hail from Senegal and Cape Verde. Yet, unable to afford the burdensome levels of fees and training required to receive permission from the government to legally work in a field that presents no safety risks, Jocelyn, as well as other would-be entrepreneurs, are not able to operate a business that would provide them hope to achieve financial independence.
Unfair and unreasonable occupational licensing restrictions must be repealed if we want more Rhode Islanders to have a chance to improve their quality of life and engage in entrepreneurial commerce. It is a common scheme for advocates of certain industries to lobby government to impose strict licensing requirements in order to create barriers to competition. The Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy, an international corporation has retained prominent area lobbyist maintain the myth that natural hair braiding provides some kind of public safety risk that requires thousands of hours of training and hundreds of dollars of fees to obtain permission from the government to work. The reality is there are no chemicals or sharp tools involved in this twisting of hair art form
Will you stand up for low-income families who want to be self-sufficient? You can automatically send a strong message to your state representative and senator by  clicking here telling them you want them to stand up for Hair Braider freedom because every family deserves the right to earn a living.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Something I learned from a Building Inspector. Massachusetts now requires a license to install replacement windows. This is not about the quality of the work. It seems there were so many complaints of rip off artists that there was concern. The answer was to license them in order to keep track of them. Perhaps this is more common than we know. It seems to me the public would be better served to be educated on “get three estimates”.