Middendorf Pillar Of Freedom Award Winner: Daniel Harrop


On Friday, we were proud to present our prestigious Middendorf Pillar of Freedom Award for 2018 to Dr. Daniel Harrop at our second annual Ocean State Freedom Banquet. Dr. Harrop, who was the founding Chairman of the Center, was recognized for his outstanding personal history of helping people both professionally as a psychiatrist and as a philanthropist. We held the luncheon at the Providence Hilton Hotel, and was the largest annual gathering of conservatives in Rhode Island. We had well over two hundred attendees, including a bi-partisan mix of elected officials, candidates for office, business leaders, and coalition-partner organizations.

The keynote speaker, nationally-renowned economist and Trump Campaign economic adviser, Stephen Moore, discussed the historic 2017 federal tax cuts as well as his just-released book, Trumponomics. Moore is currently the Chief Economist and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Additionally, Dr. Harrop’s support of the Catholic Church, as well as his long record of civic and political engagement, were highlighted. Quite simply, without Dan Harrop, there would not be a Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity. He is incredibly deserving of the honor.