News Media Dedication to Narrative Misinforms Americans About Chattanooga


A Michael Kunzelman and Kathleen Foody article from the Associated press, which the Providence Journal ran on its front page, today,  with the title “Questions surround massacre,” is absolutely stunning in the degree to which it talks 180 degrees around the obvious word “Islam.”

The message that many of our betters in the American news media believe we need to hear is that the Arabic-named shooter, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who is apparently responsible for the latest five American military personnel killed on American soil, was “as Americanized as anyone else.”  He could have been anybody, really.  If anything’s to blame, it’s probably his father, who was in counseling after his wife initiated divorce proceedings after physical violence and abuse six years ago.  You know, just like the typical Southern family, in the eyes of the Coastal media.

So, the young man grew a “bushy new beard,” which might have been an homage to the Duck Hunters or the Boston Red Sox, for all we know.  “Investigators are trying to understand” the kid’s motivation and have to admit that the action “raised the specter of terrorism.”  President Obama’s spinners are being a little more specific, calling it “domestic terrorism.”  As this 2009 article from the FBI makes clear, the federal government makes a distinction between “globally-fueled terrorism,” of the al Qaeda/ISIS variety, and “domestic terrorism,” which is “based on U.S.-based extremist ideologies.”

Investigators are looking at Abdulazeez’s online activities, but the AP doesn’t mention that they included, as the Christian Science Monitor puts it, “blog posts about Islam,” including one stating that “life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to allah may pass you by.”  The AP mentions that his “foreign travel” is of interest, but doesn’t mention where he went, notably Jordan, according to the New York Times.

According to the AP, investigators are also “searching for clues to his political contacts or influences,” perhaps hoping to find some Tea Party connection.  And again, we’re assured that people who knew him where he grew up found him “utterly ordinary.”  On MSNBC, one of his classmates emphasizes that he was “devout and Muslim,” while his sister “always talked about religion,” but Andrea Mitchell redirects to talk about whether he was into guns.

Oh, and he was a wrestler in high school, but surely we wouldn’t want to take the coincidence of that sport as an opportunity to bring up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers.  We also wouldn’t want to go so far down the path of talking about his abusive household as to note that Dzhokhar’s defense team brought up the same topic, even linking it to a regional cultural.

The only mention of the ideology that the Abdulazeezes and the Tsarnaevs also had in common comes indirectly near the end of the AP article, when we learn that the shooter had quoted an “American Muslim blogger” in his year book, writing, “My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?”  Perhaps America’s reaction to the 9/11 attack is what drove the young man to become a soldier in the jihad disturbed lone wolf, but the AP gives us no explanation of what he might have meant.

Obviously, Islam of itself does not turn kids into killers.  Environment and psychological factors must also be involved.  That said, it begets dangerous blindness when the people whom we entrust with the vocation of keeping us informed lay on their preferred narrative so thickly.

By the way, if you want any information on vandalism outside Catholic churches the other day, including the Providence cathedral, the only major Rhode Island news outlet that appears to consider it news when somebody spray paints “Jesus is false God” outside of church entrances is WPRI 12.

  • Warrington Faust

    It has been noted by others that most compilations of murders by foreign and domestic terrorists begin the day after 9/11, there by eliminating those 3000 deaths from the comparisons.

  • See how it can work?

    The bio of Hitler is absolutely stunning in the degree to which it talks 180 degrees around the obvious word “catholic.”

    • Tommy Cranston

      That’s because he wasn’t a Catholic he was a socialist progressive. Anti-smoking, pro environmentalism, an animal rights supporting vegan.
      His famous quote was “one can either be a good Christian or a good national socialist but not both”.
      The party mellowed as it grew dependent on Catholic allies-Mussolini, Petain, Franco, Degrelle, Horthy and others but in the 20’s it was a rabidly anti-Christian progressive party. Use google before you reveal yourself as an overeducated underinformed leftwing sheep.

      • Jason

        You are trying to educate a troll. Good luck.

      • guest

        Tommy, your ignorance is astounding. Your description of the right-wing hero is neither a religion or ideas incompatible with Catholicism.

        • Justin Katz

          You’ve got the wrong “wing,” there, “guest.” Goebbles would approve of your anonymous use of the Internet, fascist that you are.

          • Warrington Entrophy

            I’m sure they are flattered by the comparison to your mentor, but why are you only interested in pointing out anonymity when posters question your political philosophy?

          • Justin Katz

            You’re visiting somebody else’s forum in order to offer deeply insulting nonsense. That says a lot about you, as does your anonymity. Wouldn’t it be terrible if people knew who you were?

          • guest

            The irony is you would have fit right in to 1930’s Germany and don’t realize it. Would you like to see their papers, too? You never really address why you want to know the names of all of your political adversaries but are less than forthcoming providing the names of your benefactors. Interesting.

          • Justin Katz

            I’ve addressed that multiple times. Of course, being anonymous, you’re able to lie and pretend I haven’t.

          • Mike678

            I’m not insulted. To take offense from someone, one has too respect or value that person’s opinion. All “guest” does is expose himself as small, sad, and pathetic–not much there to value. Pushing back with facts is expected, however, in the small hope that the person can become more informed.

            Arguing or even answering reminds me of a quote from Shaw: “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

        • Tommy Cranston

          “the political bourgeoisie is about to leave the stage of history. In
          its place advance the oppressed producers of the head and hand, the
          forces of Labor, to begin their historical mission”

          Is this-
          Pat Crowley
          Sgouros the clown


        • Max

          Progressive trolls rewriting history. Nothing new here.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Back to the topic of the news media dedication to a liberal narrative. (( Moi ‘on topic’ …. imagine that !! ))

    Everyone knows the ‘lame-stream’ media is a joke. That’s why newspapers are dying; MSNBC can count its viewers with one hand; and Fox News is the most trusted news outlet in America

    If you really want to know what’s going on here, you need to read the UK papers — like The Daily Mail or The Mirror. As reported by the US media, recent stories about Sinead O’Connor blasting Rolling Stone for its ‘sexy’ cover story about Kim Kardasian didn’t even include a photo of the cover. I had read The Mirror to see that

    As an added benefit, the British are *way* ahead of us culturally. Texting was madly popular there years before it caught on here. And major American celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sophia Vergara typically “make it big” over in the UK long before anyone has ever heard their names here

    And to the ever-lovely Mrs ShannonEntropy’s chagrin, the papers there often announce the winners of our TV shows like Bachelor / Bachelorette or American Idol, weeks before the shows’ finales. I let the name of the winner slip one time several years ago ….and she still won’t let me forget it