Tyler Rowley: RECAP Pro-Life Day of Action

Pro-lifers from around the State came together in unprecedented fashion to defend the unborn and express opposition to radical abortion legislation.

At 3:15 PM yesterday there were over 300 people inside the State House and the line at the door stretched to Smith Street.

Pro-lifers from around the State came together in unprecedented fashion to defend the unborn and express opposition to radical abortion legislation. An awesome collaboration between churches and pro-life groups helped promote the rally.

The groups included: Citizens for Life, St. Patrick’s / St. Charles / Holy Ghost Catholic Church, Crowned Ministry, Mother of Life Center, New Life Church, Gaspee Project, Little Flower Home, Knights of Columbus, Relevant Radio, Servants of Christ for Life, and various other churches across the State.

In the end, close to 600 people packed inside our Capital to defend our Yet-to-be-Born brothers and sisters and reject House Bill 5127.

“This rally and the turnout a few weeks ago [when pro-lifers came to testify against House Bill 5127] are the two largest crowds I have ever seen at the State House,” commented Pastor David Aucoin. “The people are making a very clear statement to our legislators that a majority of Rhode Islanders have a moral line that they should respect and not cross. I would go so far as to say that the ‘sleeping giant,’ the Church in Rhode Island, is finally waking up!”

“It was amazing,” said Christina Frye, President of Catholic Mom RI. “I have never seen so many people come together to defend life. It was encouraging. My hope has once again been restored that we can not only defeat this bill but any initiative which cultivates a culture of death in Rhode Island.”

The speakers provided a diverse pro-life perspective:

1. Representative Camille Vella-Wilkinson accepted over 15,000 petitions that were collected in churches during the last two weeks. She spoke about her lifelong private and public commitment to the cause of life.

2. Gail Faraj-Musleh, Director of the Mother of Life Center, talked about the life-saving efforts of her organization that offers free services to women in crisis pregnancies. Gail also announced a special screening of Unplanned that is being organized for Thursday, March 28.

3. I also spoke about the necessity of strengthening our churches by being openly pro-life and intolerant of the scandal people cause when they reject Church teaching and then use that very Church to get elected into positions of power.

4. Father Peter Mongeon, in the most profound and impactful moment of the rally, revealed that he once asked his doctor for a quick death when he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer twenty-eight years ago. Father reminded us that true healthcare never kills another human being. Many years later this Diocese has been overwhelmingly blessed to have such an amazing priest.

5. Sonia Morales, addressing the crowd in both Spanish and English, spoke about her deceased daughter, Angela, who was diagnosed in-utero with a condition that was said to be “incompatible with life.” Angela proved to the world that all life is a gift from God when she lived an inspiring life before the Lord took her at age three.

6. Danielle Belt told the amazing story of her pro-life conversion when she saw her baby’s ultrasound. When she lost her baby due to miscarriage she asked for the baby’s body for burial and was even issued a death certificate from the State of Rhode Island. Her baby was 9 weeks old!

You can watch the entire rally on our Facebook Page. Scroll down to the video that was posted at 3:16 PM. The video is 1 hour and 13 minutes.

Photos of the rally are below.

rally1 rally2

rally14 rally13 rally11 rally7 rally5 rally4 rally3

Tyler Rowley is the President of Servants of Christ for Life. It was formed in 1973 to save unborn children from the human rights violation of abortion. They pray for, defend, save, and die with unborn children by joining them in their sufferings on the sidewalk. In 1984 they formed two partner organizations: 1) Mother of Life Center and 2) Little Flower Home. MLC is a crisis pregnancy center that offers free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, parenting classes, and baby products to mothers in crisis pregnancies. LFH offers free housing to mothers in crisis pregnancies.