Progressive-Left Continues To Live In Their Land Of Make-Believe

In the progressive land of make believe, the political class believes that it is their responsibility to right every perceived wrong. In the real world, the unintended consequences of progressive policies are strangling us. We are more than capable of fending for ourselves if government would just get out of the way! Rhode Islanders deserve a government that works for all of us, including the average little guy, not just for the special few.
Recently, the progressives tipped their hand, and showed off their scheme to make Rhode Island a place where it would be even more difficult for Rhode Island families. Not only do they plan to take more control of your life, the new Progressive Values Pledge declares open warfare on Rhode Island Speaker Mattiello & moderate Democrats. This pledge translates to higher taxes, more business regulations, higher energy rates, more fraudulent voting, more government control over our lives, more union power, and less 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.
Our Center has regularly maintained that if more Rhode Islanders are to have more opportunities to work in better-paying jobs, then more and better businesses must be free to grow when more disposable personal and corporate income becomes available to re-invest in business enterprises. Ours is the vision that will empower the people of Rhode Island to achieve their dreams. But the progressive-left continue to live in their land of make-believe, where high taxes – especially on the wealthy – somehow do not suppress economic growth.
A free-market approach to economic development unleashes far more people and creates far more growth than the progressive crony-socialist approach. For too long, there has only been one way of doing things in the Ocean State. We have seen the results in our state’s failing rankings. There are much BETTER solutions than the progressive agenda. If only lawmakers were to realize that there are proven free market answers, we could restore prosperity to the Ocean State. Things do not have to be this way. I encourage you to speak out often and loudly against the progressive schemes to take money from your family.