Progressives Protest Catholic Church in Providence

Progressive wearing communist hammer and sickle alongside drag queen protests on Catholic holy ground.

As faithful Catholics left the 6:00 pm Mass on Sunday night at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Providence, they met a crowd of over a hundred angry Progressive protestors. The demonstrators were there to protest against the religious tenets of the the Catholic Church. The protest came following a viral tweet from Bishop Thomas J. Tobin early Saturday morning reminding Catholics not to support the LGBTQ “Pride Month,” and warning families that the sexual displays present at “Pride” marches are especially harmful to children.

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The protest was organized by Rhode Island Pride. They wrote on their Facebook event, “Rhode Island Pride is going to rally in Cathedral Square tomorrow (Sunday) at 6:30pm. Since Bishop Tobin called on Catholics to abandon Pride & the LGBTQIA+ community-we are taking Pride directly to them.”


The Catholic Catechism teaches that homosexual acts are disordered, because they are sexaul acts that inherently do not have the potential to create life.

Prior to the protest, Tobin issued a statement saying that it is his duty to lead the faithful entrusted to his care and to teach the faith, clearly and compassionately, even on very difficult and sensitive issues. He further stated that individuals with same-sex attraction are beloved children of God, and are his brothers and sisters.

Tyler Rowley, a millennial Catholic, father, and Pro-Life activist said, “Bishop Tobin is a Catholic priest teaching Catholicism to Catholics. People are free to disagree with Catholicism, but they don’t have the ability to rewrite the 5,000 year old teaching that the nature of sex is designed by God and is between one man and one woman in a lifetime relationship for the purpose of creating and raising children.”

Rowley continued, “When a person’s sexuality is misused in any other way, not just homosexuality, the Church has always taught that it is harmful to that person and others. The shock over the Bishop’s words is connected to priests who have been silent on this issue for so long, and that silence is connected to the vile bullying on display for the last two days — people calling the Bishop hateful, bigoted, a pedophile, and worse.”

Numerous D list celebrities joined in with Rhode Island Progressives on twitter in expressing statements of anti-Catholic bigotry.

Chris Conrad of the Amazon series “Patriot” tweeted: “This beautiful tender “reminder” brought to you by the hate group that wears little weird collars, allows its ranking members to rape children, doesn’t pay property or income tax, and exchanges cash for forgiveness.”

Anti-Catholic Progressive Protest At Providence Cathedral

Rowley emphasized, “The tactic of anti-Catholicism is to label anyone who disagrees as hateful. This has nothing to do with hate; it has everything to do with believing in virtue, and not uninhibited sex. Virtue is what leads to authentic and lasting freedom, and the Bishop is trying to get that message out to the people he was ordained to shepherd.”

David Pasquesi of “Lodge 49” on Hulu tweeted:

David Pasquesi of “Lodge 49” on Hulu tweets Anti-Catholic Rhetoric

As loud chants echoed through Cathedral square and signs demanding the Bishop be removed for teaching his religious faith, a young Catholic priest sat with an empty chair in front of him.

He displayed a humble sign offering to listen to the protestors, and answer their questions about Catholicism.

Multiple Providence elected officials were participating in the demonstration. Progressive Representatives Moira Walsh, (D- Providence), and Marcia Ranglin-Vassell (D-Providence) took part in the anti-Catholic faith protest. Mayor Jorge Elorza (D-Providence) spoke in support of the LGBTQIA+ bringing his infant child with him, as he did when testifying at the State House in favor of being able to abort his son beyond the point of viability. Rep. Chris Millea (D-Cranston) was also there. Organizers recognized several city and town council officials from across the state.

Pride is held throughout the month of June. The website by the Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau brags that the Providence Pride celebration draws people from across the country, and they considered it to be one of the city’s signature events.

Rhode Island Progressives protest Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Providence at Anti-Catholic Faith Demonstration

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Catholics are, of course, entitled to their opinions. They are not advocating violence. Now, if I were to “protest” a “pride rally”, what result would you expect? I am glad I don’t have a kid to explain things to this month, my “pop up” ads include boys kissing after meeting on Tinder, or some such, another boy on his knees proposing to another boy. As I have mentioned, my idea of “diversity” is dating Canadians.

  • Joe Smith

    Funny you didn’t see such (or as covered by the news) reactions when the Southern Baptists or United Methodists reaffirm their positions that are also against same sex marriage, etc.

    The Bishop is just reaffirming what his faith believes – the nice thing here is you don’t have to be a Catholic if you disagree.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      In those places where Southern Baptists hold sway, there are practically no Catholics. A reference to “the Church” would bring the response “Which church?”

      • Joe Smith

        I recall a big to do in Michigan a few years back..basically a 100 plus black pastors came out after MI was going down the route of legalizing same sex marraige.. didn’t hear much about the LGBTQ community protesting in the same manner outside those churches.. easier to pick on the old white priest..

        • Rhett Hardwick

          Like “Global Warming”, LGBTQ is a religion. you must have faith, facts are not of consequence.

  • ShannonEntropy

    From the Sunday ProJo article on Tobin p. A11 :

    “Jesus never said a word about homosexuality, about Pride or the Queer community.” Joe Lazzerini, president of Rhode Island Pride, said in an emailed statement.

    Yeah, well, He never said anything about pedophilia, bestiality, rape or Grand Theft Auto II either… does that mean he endorsed all those ??

    And that’s only ONE of FIVE arguments against that bull-carp argument that Jesus obviously was in favor of homosexuality. Here are the others:

    • Rhett Hardwick

      While it may be true that Jesus never spake the words, silence is not endorsement. There are however numerous Old Testament references. Read Sodom and Gomorrah with the realization that, in the time, “angels” were frequently regarded as male. Lot’s daughters were refused, in favor of males, and God destroyed the city. Isn’t mixing religion and homosexuality reaching?

      • ShannonEntropy

        You’ve managed to chop up and make a word salad out of the five arguments given in the link supra

        p.s. The word “angel” or “angels” appears in the KJV of The Holy Bible nearly 100 times… and every single time when their gender is not specified the masculine form of the noun is used; or the angel/s is / are male with mens’ names

        • Rhett Hardwick

          You’ve managed to chop up and make a word salad out of the five arguments given in the link supra

          Oh my! Whatever shall I do?

          • ShannonEntropy

            Toss in some chicken and make a meal of it ;^)