Reporting by OSC: Veteran Struck With Bike Lock By Antifa Rally Attendee


I want to share with you an outstanding piece of reporting done by our Ocean State Current on a violent politically-motivated assault of a veteran by an alleged member of Antifa last Saturday. The Current broke this important story, and brought Rhode Islanders the real message of what was happening.

In the story first exposed on the Current, Larry Gillheeney from my staff writes, “Samson Racioppi, an Army veteran and former libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress from Massachusetts, was allegedly struck on the back of his neck by a member of Antifa with a bike lock following a protest in front of the Rhode Island State House on Saturday. Alexander Carrion was arrested by Providence police for the violent attack.”

More surprising was the initial silence from mainstream media, would they have talked about this important story at all without our coverage?

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