Union Political Spending: A Web of Corruption


Not every teacher, first-responder, clerk, or other public servant considers themselves to be Democrats or part of the “progressive-left” movement in Rhode Island. Yet every employee who is member of a government union in our state is paying dues that directly support this extreme political agenda… along with the corrupt quid quo pro that comes with union political spending. A new report, from our Center, exposes that Rhode Island’s hyper-partisanship and radical agenda is funded by government union political spending: Click Here Now To Read It.
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Most people don’t realize that the partnership between the progressive-left, government unions, and the Democratic party, which has created an iron triangle of cronyism and insider politics, is actually funded by each and every taxpayer in the state of Rhode Island. This money merry-go-round is destroying our state: Taxes paid by residents fund the salaries of government employees, whose dues fund union activities, which in turn are contributed almost exclusively to one political party and to support just one, radical political ideology, who then work together to advance more pro-labor policies.

  • Lou

    Glory Days, your starting to sound like Justin’s parrot. What’s essentially the same anti-union blog has been posted 3 times. Didn’t the Koch’s give you anything other than this and school vouchers to talk about?

    The solution is pretty simple, if you don’t like what the unions are advocating, quit.

  • ShannonEntropy

    I think most thinking people do in fact know what’s going on with this “iron triangle”, there’s just nothing they can do about it

    If you pay so much in property taxes — I pay almost $1K / month — that you can’t afford to send your kids to a private school, there’s nothing you can do to stop the propaganda being shoved down their throats in the public schools on a daily basis. You can’t just “quit”, as Lou suggests

    Or can you just “quit” paying taxes ?? Overheard a few yrs ago at the DMV, an employee dealing with an angry citizen:

    Hey, Louise… we got us a Big Shot in here today… Mr Taxpayer here pays our salaries !! Well I’ll tell you what, Mr VIP… you just go right ahead and STOP paying your taxes… that’ll show US !!

    • Lou

      You can’t just “quit”…Why not?

      As opposed to the “…propaganda being shoved down their throats..” at religious and private schools that some of you want to subsidize with tax-funded vouchers?

      I too have wondered about the mentality of those that self-identify as “taxpayers” first. I don’t consider that classification among the top 10 things I identify as and don’t understand the importance some give it. It’s about as special as “air breather”. Can I get a participation medal for that also?

      • ShannonEntropy

        Well then, quit paying your taxes. Get back to us on how that works out; and let me know when your birthday is so I can bring you a cake with a file in it to the Grey Bar Hotel

        As for school “propaganda”… let me contrast two stories

        I went to a 4 yr boarding Roman Catholic Seminary high school. We spent a lot of time studying stuff like ethics and RC theology, and in senior yr civics actual politicians and political parties were rarely if ever mentioned, and even then usually in a historical context like the Civil War. I bet I know more about our US Constitution than virtually anyone reading this, and most of that stuff I learned in that HS, all of it non-partisan

        Now take my two kids, both of whom went to Pilgrim HS is Warwick. Their teachers openly proselytized them to get us vote for Obama and for various bond issues. They had mandatory sex ed which we had no say in whether they took it or not; and which nowadays preaches for gay marriage and transexuals

        Even back then they were taught Columbus was a genocidal maniac and the only thing noteworthy about Jefferson was that he was an evil slave owner

        If you honestly don’t see the difference — and I doubt
        you will — you are just confirming my suspicion that you should be the poster boy for the Dunning-Kruger Effect