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10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 37 (WJAR Gubernatorial Debates & Immigration)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss the first Republican and Democrat gubernatorial debates on Channel 10, WJAR, with some emphasis on the illegal immigration crisis.

Mark Zaccaria on Issues Facing the US Senate

After his campaign announcement, Republican Senatorial candidate Mark Zaccaria answered questions posed by Anchor Rising on the subjects of:

The guiding principle and vision of American foreign policy.

Where to go on Obamacare, from where we now are.

The institutional way to deal with executive overreach.

The gulf between the elites and the people, on illegal immigration.

Mark Zaccaria Announces for Senate

Mark Zaccaria: “[Y]our taxes, your food and your housing costs are all up as a result of what the Federal Government has done, and Jack Reed has voted yes for every single one of those increases, certainly during the last couple of terms. I contend that Rhode Islanders are ready to vote no, and it’s about high time.

But they have to have a choice to be able to do that, to be able to vote for better monetary policy, or smaller government that costs less, so that it takes less money out of your pockets. You have to have that alternative on the ballot. I hope to be the face of that message to the hard-working, tax-paying men and women of Rhode Island during this campaign.

There is another way, folks. We can do that. And I will be making that point, to anyone who will listen to me, every day between now and the fourth of November…you don’t have to vote for the guy you voted for last time. In fact, it might be better if you voted for somebody new.”

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 36 (Hobby Lobby, Freedom, & Health Care)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and the underlying issues of freedom and health care.

Staley and Hayden’s Representation

In their passing, Harry Staley and Robert Hayden leave behind an explanation and an example for civic participation.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 35 (Cianci and the Providence Mayoral Campaign)

Andrew and Samuel Bell discuss the Cianci effect in the Providence mayoral campaign.

James Baar: Nightmare at the Exchange

Erik Brown thought he had found help with his healthcare bill. Instead, he found himself trapped in a nightmare at the exchange.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 34 (General Assembly Budget)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss the General Assembly’s budget and whether all money in a society belongs to the government, so that letting people keep it is the same as giving it away.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 33 (Sending HealthSource RI to Feds)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss closing down HealthSource RI and using the federally run version.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 32 (Government-Driven Tourism)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss the appropriate role of government in branding and promoting tourism in Rhode Island.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 31 (38 Studios Bonds)

Justin and Bob Plain take up the question of to pay or not to pay the 38 Studios bonds.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 30 (NECAPs, Right to Education, Common Core)

Justin and Bob Plain talk about standardized testing and whether school committees have a right to sue for more money from other communities.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 29 (Free Markets v. Regulation)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss the relative weight of free-market solutions versus regulation.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 28 (Climate Change & Struggling RI)

Justin and Bob Plain discuss the relevance of climate change in a tiny, economically struggling state like Rhode Island.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 27 (Central Coventry Fire District)

On NBC 10 Wingmen, Bob Plain and I discussed the General Assembly’s entry into the Central Coventry Fire District controversy; in this post, I add some points that I should have inserted into the segment.

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 26 (Pay by Gender)

Justin and Bob Plain talk about the pay differential between men and women.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates on Newsmakers

Both GOP candidates, Ken Block and Allan Fung have appeared on WPRI’s Newsmakers. Here’s both videos. Enjoy!

10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 25 (Spotlight on Spending)

Friday’s discussion on Wingmen was about the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s Spotlight on Spending report.

A Constitutional Convention for Rhode Island? The Pros and Cons of Democracy and Rights

Steven Brown of the RI Chapter of the ACLU: “The votes that voters get to choose across the country are on some of the most divisive, controversial, social, ideological issues there are; abortion, gay rights, same-sex marriage, anti-immigrant. We are deluding ourselves if we think we can hold a convention and not have those issues come to the fore….What’s troubling about that is that we are talking about individual rights that should not be subject to majoritarian control. You’ll hear about all of the safeguards that are in place; first you have to elect the delegates, and then the convention has to vote to approve an amendment, then it’s up to the voters to approve or reject it….They aren’t safeguards, when you’re talking about minority rights”.

Professor Jared Goldstein: “On a basic level, the concern that we’ll have a runaway convention, or that they’ll pass recommendations that are contrary to our fundamental rights is really a point of view that expresses simple, profound distrust of the people, that is, we can’t trust the people the enact legislation that will help us because they may take away our constitutional rights….Don’t we want the people to decide these fundamental questions about what our society is like?…If the answer is no, then who do we trust? Do we just want the judges to decide what our rights are? What are they basing them on?”

A Constitutional Convention for Rhode Island? The History and Legal Framework

John Marion of Common Cause Rhode Island: “The question [of whether to have a convention] has come before the voters three times since the 1974 changes to the constitution. In 1984 it passed, it got 53.8% of the votes. In 1994 it was defeated, and only received 40.5% of the votes. And in 2004, the most recent time it was on the ballot, it received 48% of the votes.

What are its chances this time?…The only thing we have to go on is a January 2013 poll by Public Policy Polling, where they did, I believe, a sample of roughly 500 Rhode Islanders, and it came up with 40% of Rhode Islanders supporting, 25% opposing, and 35% undecided.”