10 News Conference – Justin and RIFuture’s Bob Plain


Jim Taricani invited me and RIFuture.org owner/editor Bob Plain to sit in for 10 News Conference, this morning.  The topics leaned more toward politics than policy, but we bloggers did manage to pull the conversation toward political philosophy a bit.  Specifically, we discussed economic development, the RI economy, the Congressional district 1 race, and the presidential race.


As a side note, hanging out in the waiting area, Plain corrected my erroneous impression of his “mash-up” of my two roles — with the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and with Anchor Rising — as “Prosperous Rising.”  Apparently, it wasn’t meant as a compliment, but rather to imply that we’re focused on making those who are already prosperous more so (the 1% and all that).

I’d like to suggest that any prosperous person who agrees with Bob’s interpretation should consider financial support for either organization for which I write.  However, from my perspective, the unifying theme of the Center, the Ocean State Current, and Anchor Rising is that of changing Rhode Island such that people can realize their prosperous potential.  Everybody’s got a successful, comfortable professional inside of him- or herself, and it is that which we seek to help rise.  Such folks should read our work and behave accordingly in the civic sphere.

  • lblais

    Perfect side-note, Justin.

  • Stephanie

    Can Plain afford a haircut? He looks like he is sleeping on a park bench… under the new "homeless rights" bill our idiotic General Assembly just passed. This guy is beyond sad… why does anyone take Plain seriously?

  • Mike

    After watching this, I'm convinced Bob Plain cannot grasp simple economic concepts. He may have not read the Federalist Papers, either. Bob Plain wants to grow the EDC after this 75$ million debacle? Really?

  • Dan

    I would like to know if Bob Plain is collecting unemployment while running a partisan political blog full-time. This would mean that the public is essentially paying him to run progressive RIFuture. He posts pictures of himself kayaking all day and apparently isn't even trying to look for work. Fine if he is living on donations, but if he is collecting unemployment, that is highly unethical.