10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 30 (NECAPs, Right to Education, Common Core)


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  • helen

    Tonight I found out that my dear 5 year old grandaughter is being taught to sight read in her public school kindergarten class. This is in another New England state. I'm pretty upset about it. How can she achieve true literacy if all she is taught is sight reading?

    About Common Core,there is something wrong. I like to watch bird webcams. This past winter I watched one that had a link to a food charity. When I followed the link on that site,it brought me to an educational site that was in sync with Common Core,according to what the educational program said. At the bottom of the exercises it said that it fulfilled certain Common Core teachings.

    The exercise was about how to survive on very little money for food. The students had to pick from choices given for a week to feed their families.But the students were not given realistic options or any creative ways to use their food budgets. For example, the only option for tomato spaghetti sauce was a full priced expensive jar of sauce,. All of the very limited choices were like that.

    So it taught the children that they have little or no options. It was a thought stopper. Not right. Children deserve more.