10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 34 (General Assembly Budget)


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  • joe bernstein

    Amazing how that socialist slob Plain-who sounds medicated-makes an exception about his hatred of rch people when it comes to a project pushed by that little turd Josh Miller>
    Will wonders never cease?
    Plain oughta wear socks next time-he is a real loser-why do they have him on TV?

  • I think you nailed it towards the end of the segment — the difference, it seems, between progressives and everyone else is that for whatever reason progressives believe the gov't has a right to 100% of your income, and it's only through their benevolence are people allowed to keep some portion of it.

    But to Bob's point, who said it's gov's job to "fund society"? Besides, if the things "society" wants are so amazing, they wouldn't need to steal money to pay for it.

  • Tommy Cranston

    The pathetic thing about the budget is that the CORPORATE TAX CUTS! marxists will be screaming about for decades; with the combined reporting change, the amount paid by corporations will actually INCREASE.
    BTW, I am resisting crowing "told ya so" about all the delusional storm un drang over the last half year about sales tax reduction/elimination. All wasted energy