10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 36 (Hobby Lobby, Freedom, & Health Care)


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  • Nice job, Justin! You covered the points rather well. The Left always amazes me with their lack of understanding of how the free market can bring efficiency to any particular market problem, while force from the government creates artificial scarcities or surpluses. One thing left out of this discussion was that ObamaCare is in reality a terribly inexact and inefficient method of redistribution. To fix ObamaCare, one must unravel it in layers, beginning IMHO with the redistributive piece. Bill Rappeley, I thought, did a lousy job on managing time. No doubt he's not unbiased and is more on the same page with RI Future.

    • Max D.

      You can't fix ObamaCare. The only thing government can do is pump more money into a program. History has demonstrated that the government can't 'fix' anything.

  • Mike

    The travesty with the Hobby Lobby decision is the spin most media are shoveling. Without an honest media we are in a lot trouble. An uninformed-or misinformed-populace can't make good decisions.