10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 39 (A Providence Income Tax)


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  • Dan

    Let’s ask Bob Plain, an unemployed bum with no visible source of income, who admits using public assistance to pay expenses while running his leftist blog, about income taxes and employment.

    • Joe Bernstein

      Plain is a parasite who doesn't even live in Providence and thinks ordinary people there need an income tax-he can FOAD.

  • mangeek

    I'm an admitted 'urbanist', so I can say that implementing an 'income tax' for the city is a BIG mistake. Instead, you do statewide income taxes and push some of that money back towards the cities and towns, and use that money as a carrot/stick to 'help' municipalities consolidate redundant services under statewide or regional service providers.

    So, for instance, you could bump up income taxes a smidgen across the state, create a state-operated 'municipal public works provider', and give the cities/towns money ONLY if they use the provider's services.

    • Mike

      That works for you…it doesn't' work for me. Another tax and spend liberal who thinks what is good for him is good for everybody. .just what RI needs.

  • Tommy Cranston

    A "smidgen" in progressivespeak means "over 60%". From 6% to 10%.
    What we should do is cut welfare, public payrolls and giveaways to do nothing non-profits by that same "smidgen".

  • Mark

    No business growth, high unemployment and Bob Plain who always looks like an unmade bed wants MORE Taxes. Plain fails to realize that states with Republican legislatures and governors have more efficient government and better economies.

    • Mike

      Yet the sheeple vote the Republicans out as soon as things turn around. It is like the old westerns…the people want the great sheriff until danger has passed…then adios.

      • Warrington Faust

        Think Winston Churchill

  • Warrington Faust

    Let's face it, Providence is not a big town. It is also not overburdened with "high earners", most would probably be below any exemption that might exist. One might think of this as an "East Side" income tax. East Greenwich is calling, could this be the straw that broke the camel's back?

    • Tommy Cranston

      The back is already broken.

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