10 News Conference Wingmen, Episode 40 (Public Funding of Art)


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  • Joe Bernstein

    Plain knows so much about the economy and every other subject yet he has no visible means of support outside collecting unemployment.
    Why does Ch10 have this ne'er do well on display as some kind of thinker?
    His RI Future blog is trash.
    Some of the dog crap that passes as art using public funding is robbery of tax dollars.

  • Bill's initial question to Justin is fundamentally flawed. Society isn't a "thing" that can benefit. Only people can benefit. But posing the question in the manner he did carries with it an implication that the ends (a net benefit for "society") justify the means (taking by force from one group to give to another).

    For Bob to say that the economy improves when the gov't spends money on art is a classic broken window fallacy. How much economic improvement would we have seen if the politicians didn't take from one group and give to another (after taking their cut of course)? That is something no amount of empirical study can show.

  • Tommy Cranston

    Is there one issue that junkie Plain does NOT take the anti-common sense position?

  • Dan

    Give me one reason why should we care about Plain's opinions about anything. He has no expertise. He's a poor writer. He's logically challenged. He's been caught in many lies. He has no job and was fired from his last one. He's been living off public assistance (probably illegally). He made a fool of himself in multiple arrests.

    Why is he even given the time of day instead of being laughed out of the studio?