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Contra Code of Ethics, Sen. Conley Bills State for $47,030 in 2013

State Senator William Conley (D, East Providence, Pawtucket) has served as legal counsel for the state Ethics Commission, but records show that he may have violated the Code of Ethics when he took additional work from the state after having been elected to office.

One in Six Legislators, Employers Have Received Payments from the State

Representative Peter Palumbo isn’t the only legislator in the General Assembly whose places of business have received money from the state government. The Ocean State Current takes a look at some of the others.

Tech Collective Defends the Governor’s Workforce Board… and Most of Its Own Revenue

Another organization speaking out against the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s Spotlight on Spending report appears to have a business model that charges dues for access to taxpayer-funded services.

More From Rhode Island’s “Business Voices”: RI Hospitality’s Worforce Board Funding Stream

Employees of the RI Hospitality Education Foundation came to the defense of the Governor’s Workforce Board, which the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity recommended eliminating, and which supplies one-third or more of the foundation’s funding.

HealthSource RI’s Million Dollar Media Buy

HealthSource RI has spent $1,115,666 on advertising for the five-month period from October 13, 2013, to March 14, 2014.

Breaking Down the Greencore Deal

Rhode Island is celebrating the promise of 390 jobs being brought to Quonset Point, but a more careful look at the deal raises questions about whether it follows the right strategy for economic development.

RI Housing, Another Mirror of the RI Way

Two parcels of Providence land for which Rhode Island Housing appears to have paid a hefty sum open up a peep hole into the operations of the state’s ruling class.

Costs upon Costs with HealthSource-Related Data

Government spin and incomplete reportage of HealthSource RI’s results leave Rhode Islanders with little understanding of how short the health benefits exchange will be of covering its expenses or how much greater the Medicaid handouts will be than projected.

Leidecker Appeal of Cyberstalking Conviction – What Will the A.G.’s Office Do?

NEA RI representative John Leidecker has appealed his conviction for cyberstalking of former state Representative Douglas Gablinske, raising concerns that the courts may set a dangerous precedent.

No Authority to Arrest SLRB Election Watchers, Say State Police

Despite reports of threatened arrest, the State Police say troopers had no authority to arrest volunteers who wanted to watch child-care provider unionization elections, which turned out to have a very lopsided vote.

HealthSourceRI Navigator Background Checks Not Required

No law or regulation at the federal or state level requires health benefits exchange “navigators” in Rhode Island to undergo criminal background checks, and not all agencies providing the service require them on their own.

Coventry Student Suspended for Keychain

A Coventry student has been suspended from school for carrying a keychain shaped like a gun.

Public Dollars for Business Benefits

An in-home child-care worker who has come forward supporting unionization of those with similar businesses has also advocated for a national tax on Christmas trees and special treatment of farms for the estate tax.

Activists See Trend as Bank Cuts Off Rhode Island Gun Shop

A sudden end to Sovereign Bank’s relationship with Bullseye Shooting Supplies in Woonsocket may be part of a politically motivated national push to make the sale of firearms more difficult.

Back-Yard-Parking State Employee Got Overtime in Prior Years

As in recent articles from the Current, an investigative report from Tim White, of WPRI, shows another state employee whose funding comes from federal and other sources and whose work practices happen to be deserving of scrutiny.

Behavioral Healthcare Department Says Union Restrictions, Big Changes Increased Overtime

The state Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) offers details about its high overtime costs, such as overtime pay during declared states of emergency and increased retirements after pension reform.

Union Rules and “Unique System” Drive Up Overtime for State Government Community Living Aides

Community living aides in group homes operated by the state government have been able to more than triple their pay with overtime and other salary enhancements. State officials cite union rules as a significant driver.

Another State Route to Riches: Institutional Attendants Earning Six Figures

Nursing assistants under a particular job title at government-run Eleanor Slater Hospital are taking home up to nearly $115,000 per year, with overtime and other enhanced pay.

Government Nurses Joining Quarter-Million-Dollar Club

The State of Rhode Island is reluctant to detail how nine employees of taxpayer-funded Eleanor Slater Hospital pull in over $100,000 each in extra pay.

Gary Alexander’s Long Commute and Rhode Island’s Big Compensation

RI resident and PA Secretary of Public Welfare Gary Alexander has come under media scrutiny in both states for using a state vehicle to travel between them. Less-reported information gives context to the issue and to the compensation of government officials generally.