Another State Route to Riches: Institutional Attendants Earning Six Figures


The job listings for “institutional attendants (psychiatric)” positions in the state Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH) offer a salary in the mid-$30,000s, and payroll information available through the RIOpenGov project of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity suggests top regular pay in the low-$40,000s.

In 2010 and 2011, however, almost all of those employees added significantly to their pay by working extra hours, as well as other salary enhancements and bonuses that the state reports as “overtime.” A significant number of them doubled their base pay or more.

Last week, in an article on the Ocean State Current about the high take-home pay of some nurses at government-run Eleanor Slater Hospital, state and union officials pointed to low staffing levels as the reason for high overtime payments. In other media outlets, Craig Stenning, the director of BHDDH, of which Eleanor Slater is a division, stated that eased hiring rules are now helping to bring down the need for overtime.

However, reporter Suzanne Bates noted on the Current that the only job openings for the hospital listed on the state’s official online job board were for “institutional attendant (psychiatric)” positions. As of Wednesday morning, April 3rd, the job listings for the entire department of BHDDH included eight for institutional attendant (psychiatric), one for mental health worker, two for social caseworker II, and two for janitor.

Institutional attendants are not registered nurses, but nursing assistants represented by the Council 94 labor union.  The job notices describe the education requirement as “completion of 8 school grades” or experience that provided an equivalent level of knowledge. Candidates must also complete a training course and pass a certification examination.

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) did not return multiple emails and calls for additional, specific information.  However, of the 85 employees on the 2011 payroll for whom the Current was able to confirm the institutional attendant (psychiatric) job title, 18 made more in overtime than in regular pay. In 2010, 20 of the 93 employees with that title did the same.

Of the 18 in 2011, four collected more than $100,000 in total pay, despite having regular pay of less than $43,000.  In 2010, seven collected more than $100,000. The following chart shows all attendants’ 2011 gross pay, with regular pay and overtime.

Institutional Attendants (Psychiatric) Gross Pay Including Regular and Overtime, FY11

According to the program page on the Web site of the Community College of Rhode Island, the required training course lasts six to ten weeks. A candidate handbook available on the Web site of Pearson Vue, which administers the examination for the state, gives samples of the questions and skills necessary to pass the test, mainly including general hygiene and living assistance, as well as basic medical tasks.

The handbook also makes clear that an oral examination is available for applicants who have difficulty reading English. To determine which test to take, the handbook includes vocabulary and reading comprehension questions. One multiple choice question is: “Fish live in [blank].”

The Current was unable to confirm through EOHHS the number of institutional attendant (psychiatric) employees actually on the payroll for each year. However, officials with the state Budget Office pointed to the payroll supplements published with every year’s budget.  The total full-time equivalents (FTEs) shown on these documents are not the number of employees in each position currently working for state government, but rather, the appropriated number, or the number whom the departments were authorized to hire.

Even so, the total FTEs for the institutional attendant (psychiatric) position consistently fell, from 108 in 2009 to 98 in the 2013 budget.  The 2014 budget, if passed, would return the number to 108.  As of March 15 of this year, there were 86 institutional attendants (psychiatric) actually on the payroll.

The following seven attendants earned gross pay of more than $100,000 in 2010, 2011, or both.

Rhode Island Government Institutional Attendants (Psychiatric) Making over $100,000 in FY10 or FY11

2011 2010
Name, Division Gross Pay Overtime Pay Regular Pay Gross Pay Overtime Pay Regular Pay
Sandy Ratsombath, ESH $113,759 $71,759 $42,040 $112,233 $71,383 $40,850
Betty Korngor, ESH $113,442 $75,321 $38,121 $115,758 $79,253 $36,505
Jane Davis, ESH $105,299 $65,942 $39,357 $101,993 $63,750 $38,243
Annie Logan, ESH $101,080 $61,724 $39,356 $106,308 $68,065 $38,243
Nelda Toby, ESH $97,237 $54,303 $42,934 $103,765 $62,045 $41,720
Folabomi Ekundayo, ESH $94,963 $57,184 $37,779 $117,041 $80,351 $36,690
Larry Corry, ESH $93,607 $50,049 $43,558 $112,549 $70,215 $42,334
Note: “ESH” = Eleanor Slater Hospital, Cranston


Editorial change: Inserted “collected” in the place of “took home” in paragraph seven. 3:22 p.m. 4/4/13.

  • Mike Silvia

    Well, it's certainly a job I wouldn't want :)

    If there's a hiring freeze, the work still needs to get done. Corporations and governments focus on reducing the number of FTEs to improve the bottom line. Unfortunately, that usually has a negative impact over the longer term because the organization is diverting investments in human capital to contractors who have less at stake in the longer-term success of the organization because their organization's success is the priority. A reduction of FTEs (through lay-offs, attrition, etc.) increases the burden on existing FTEs, which also has a negative impact on expenses, quality of work and work/life balance. When one is beholden to shareholders or other uninformed stakeholders, the simplest solution is not always the best solution. However, it is usually the most expedient and salable.

  • Dan

    As I predicted when the Current began making these numbers public, defenders of the status quo (state officials, progressives, unions) have emerged from the woodwork to rationalize these outrageous compensation schemes. One such argument has been that it would be more expensive to hire additional help to drive the overtime costs down. This argument ignores three principles. The first is Parkinson's Law that the amount of time required to complete a task is not fixed, but tends to expand or contract based on the time allowed for its completion. The second is that financially incentivizing an outcome tends to result in more of it. The third is that when public employees with high-school educations are earning six figures it creates a negative perception of public institutions and erodes the public trust.

  • Mike Silvia

    I wouldn't say I'm ignoring those three principles. In fact, I even agree, in part, with each of them. Just trying to present a different perspective.

  • steve

    In this case, the devil truely is in the details!

  • Kevin McCarthy

    The use of "took home" is a little confusing. Traditionally, when people got their cash envelopes at the end of the pay period, someones take home was the cash left in the packet, actually his net pay after federal and state tax withholding.

  • Billy Barton

    You are a glutton for punishment!! Based on your last report on the overtime earnings of laundry workers (doubling and tripling their salaries due to taxpayer funded overtime payments) you were accused of everything from causing cancer to offing Judge Crater. Worst was the (hilarious) accusation that you were somehow wasting the taxpayer's money in Tiverton by pressing an election Charter violation with the Town Council. Both Gloria Crip as herself and Gloria Crisp using her nom de dumb of "Courtney Claire" excoriated you for these crimes against humanity, and accused you of being "mealy mouthed," which I guess means you eat corn, or something. Next, you'll be accused of being a doo-doo head, or worse!

    Keep up the good work! You seem to be irritating all the right people…I've got the timer on, counting down the time to when either Gloria (as herself) or gloria (as Courtney) come up on the blog to accuse, obfuscate and lie. Ignore them (her?) and the other special interest noise makers who populate the blog when you put the spotlight on one or another fungus in the state. You're doing great!!

    William Francis Barton, III

  • Mike

    Very true Billy, and don't forget Gloria Crisp's aide-de-camp Renee Cwiek's babble!

    • awww….I'm sorry Mike. No friends willing to come and stand up for you?

  • Dan

    I don't have any problem with pen names or aliases per se, but I do have a problem with lying. Pretending that somebody else is using your computer to post comments of the same tone, subject, and writing style insults everyone's intelligence.

    • There's no proof that anyone has lied. If Gloria lets someone else use her computer, then that's her business. She's always posted using her name. It's just Justin trying to discredit her….nothing new there.

      • Dan

        Give me a break. Even if we were stupid enough to believe it was "somebody else using her computer" (lamest excuse in the book), at a minimum it's evidence there is something extremely fishy going on. It's not like pointing out the simple reality of the IP address was some kind of wild, unfounded smear. The "people" involved must not be the brightest to have been unaware blogs record IP addresses.

        • I can't help but wonder how many IP's are associated to Jim's accounts. Just sayin'.