Progressive Cranston Action Network Holds Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally Outside Cranston City Hall

Pro-Illegal Immigration Protest

Under thirty people rallied in front of Cranston City Hall on Monday evening to protest Mayor Allan Fung’s campaign promise to side with Rhode Island families over prisoners who have illegally immigrated to the United States when elected Governor. The protest was organized by the Progressive “Cranston Action Network” (CAN). 

Fung, a Republican candidate for Rhode Island Governor, is the first-generation son of legal Chinese immigrants. After immigrating to South Providence, his parents opened a small business in Cranston, Kong Wen Restaurant. Fung worked there growing up. 

As Mayor of Cranston, Fung signed an agreement with federal authorities promising to notify them when illegal immigrants are arrested by city police.

According to a Facebook post from Mayor Fung on his official page, “As Governor, I’ll say NO to sanctuary cities & reverse Gina Raimondo’s policies where she sides with prisoners here illegally, instead of Rhode Island families.”

Progressive Pro-Illegal Immigration Protestor

CAN maintains a closed Facebook group of over 500 members. Their mission is to work “together for a caring, resilient, and progressive community.” According to a RI Future article by Steve Ahlquist, CAN collected over $20 from motorists in August of 2017 to give to the ACLU. 

According to CAN’s Facebook event for the demonstration, “Let’s show that we stand with our immigrant neighbors. Let’s stand as an inclusive and welcoming community. Let the police do their jobs fighting crime – not taking on ICE’s responsibilities.” 

Fung has previously championed his record on standing up against illegal immigration in Cranston saying that it has never been a sanctuary city. 

“As the son of immigrants, Mayor Fung knows the value immigrants have brought to this country, however, no one should be rewarded for coming here illegally,” said Team Fung in an early August email to supporters. “Allan’s first priority as Governor will be to keep Rhode Islanders safe.” 

  • visuallearner

    I was proud to attend this rally, and I take issue with the headline of this article. Those standing against Fung’s pronouncements are not Pro-Illegal Immigration. We are for treating undocumented refugees and immigrants with dignity. We are opposed to the Trumpian agenda of criminalizing asylum seekers escaping from desperately violent conditions, when it is their right to enter the United States under these conditions. Undocumented status is not a criminal violation–it is a civil violation. Local police should not be pressed into the service of ICE. Xenophobia should have no place here. My father and grandparents were able to enter this country legally in the early 1920’s. All that was required was a sponsor, a statement that they were not here to overthrow the government, and a clean bill of health. In 1924 when the xenophobes got their way, the door was shut on immigrants from Italy and eastern Europe (i.e. Jews). The rest of my family who had not escaped from persecution in Poland were not able to come here and eventually perished in the Holocaust. America is supposed to be a beacon for the persecuted. Trump wants to drastically limit refugees, asylum seekers, and even legal immigration. That Fung is allying himself with Trump’s policies is not a stance that we agree with.

    • Mike678

      Nice deflection–i count multiple logical fallacies in your missive–but what part of “illegal” do you not get? You try to skirt the issue by calling these lawbreakers “undocumented”, but we all know what that means. I respect your right to your opinions, but let’s not hide behind euphemisms…

  • ralph fortune

    I willfully and enthusiastically attended this rally for human dignity. The headline of this article is both sensational and misleading. The crux of the issue is that all immigrants, no matter why they are here or how they got here, documented or undocumented, should be treated with humane dignity and compassion. Mayor Fung doesn’t agree, and if elected governor, he will turn back the hands of time–much like his role model in the White House. Btw, there were more than 40 participants on the picket line.

  • ShannonEntropy

    ITA with v-l & ralph…. everyone knows these illegals & DREAMERs are all class valedictorians and budding rocket surgeons so why wouldn’t we want to welcome them all with open arms ??

    The fact that they rape and murder innocent citizens shouldn’t bother us at all. After all, rapists & murderers are people too !!