Providence College Responds to Questions on Goodwin’s Restraining Order

Mike Banner

In response to questions on the ongoing story surrounding a restraining order taken out by Vice President for Student Affairs Kristine Goodwin against Micheal Smalanskas, Providence College said, “A civil restraining order was issued by the court after Mr. Smalanskas’ unacceptable conduct toward a member of our community on campus this past weekend. Because of the serious nature of his actions, the College has restricted his access to campus.”

When asked to define the alleged “unacceptable conduct,” Providence College only responded that they had sufficient cause.

Smalanskas is the center of a civil discourse fight with progressives on campus over a bulletin board he displayed teaching students about traditional Catholic marriage. A crude cartoon image of  Smalanskas being homosexually raped was found in his dormitory bathroom after he posted the bulletin board.


  • Cathy De

    It appears that the homosexual groups on campus should be issued a restraining order for threatening Mr. Smalanskas with rape. And Providence College should be investigated for not keeping the safety of it’s students intact. I believe it takes much more effort to draw a “cartoon” than to give someone a 5 second look!

    • Jordan Faust

      Restraining issues must be issued to individuals, mam. Also, I don’t believe there are any identified “homosexual groups” on campus.

      • Rhett Hardwick


      • RIWOMAN

        Cathy De is just trying to make a point. What’s the point of identifying as a Catholic college when said college is abandoning the faith.

        • Jordan Faust

          Have you been to Mass there or devotions. It is clearly Catholic.

          • Bibbit

            Have you been to Mass there or devotions. It is clearly Catholic.

            Hmmm, I can’t agree with you (though I wish I could). If a non-profit pays its executives outrageous salaries, is it really non-profit? The non-profit may have lots of low paid employees and even more volunteers, but if the leaders are receiving crazy high salaries, then in my mind it isn’t really a non-profit (I worked at such a place). The school may have a decent (though low) percentage of devout Catholic employees and some priests who celebrate Mass wonderfully, but if the leadership is unwilling to put the faith first then there’s a problem. Seems to me the leadership always puts the concerns/complaints of the non-Catholics on campus ahead of the faith.

  • Jordan Faust

    The discourse around this issue has been far from civil. What did Smalanskas expect when he red-faced berated a college employee in front off hundreds of people, guests off the college, who were simply hoping to havre a nice day, a medal?

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Well, let us think way back to the “free speech” protests at Berkeley. Much more recently, college buildings have been set afire for inviting conservative speakers. Haven’t heard anything of punishment there.


      If he were provoked to respond in such a way, does it follow that a restraining order be filed against him. Speaking the truth doesn’t mean a person will be violent. In fact, I’ve found it quite the reverse.

  • ShannonEntropy

    A student at an allegedly Roman Catholic college getting in trouble for advocating “traditional marriage”… oh! the Irony !!

    Actually not… given the many other near-heretical positions put forth by the ultra-Leftist Pope Francis. The Church, alas, has fallen victim to O’Sullivan’s Law

    • Tom

      Did he get in trouble for advocating for traditional marriage? Please explain how he “got in trouble”. From my read of this situation, he “got in trouble” for verbally accosting a female employee of the college during a ceremonial event by shouting taunts at her in the presence of many witnesses. Those who are siding with the young man because he has adopted a conservative religious posture should truly consider the full person that they are advocating for. He isn’t a very good representative our conservative values or expression. I am, and always have been a conservative religious thinker who espouses the truth of Catholic teaching but I am finding the defense of this man to be over the top. I wonder what role contributors here have had in egging him to continue with this. I am quite certain that this has stopped being an argument about whether all views of marriage should be allowed on a Catholic campus and it has morphed into a personal vendetta by this man toward an employee of the college who I am told is a practicing Catholic.