38 Studios Audit that Chafee Killed Finds More Payments to Corso Than Indicated in Court Filings


The House Oversight Committee is finding some interesting stuff in the documents that Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, the firm that former Governor Chafee started to hire to conduct an audit of 38 Studios then inexplicably changed his mind, turned over to the committee. From today’s ProJo:

… political inside-player Michael Corso and his companies may have been paid more for his consulting services than the $2.032 million indicated in court filings. The ledger entries tally up to $2,414,892.

On the criminal side,

Asked the status on Thursday, Col. Steven G. O’Donnell, the superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, said: “The investigation is coming to conclusion and I can’t give you specifics beyond that at this point.”

Note to Rhode Island’s Attorney General: it cannot be sufficiently emphasized, sir, that the investigation needs to be complete and comprehensive; otherwise, it will simply be a cover up.

  • loumazzucchelli

    Lawyers making money on this on both ends, a financing that was mal-formed from day one, and everyone involved doing a full Sgt Shultz. Why does this have to be par for the course in my home state? I feel like I’m trying to tread water in a cesspool.