625 State Workers Promoted & Six-Figure Salaries Rise Under Raimondo Administration


Excellent if infuriating reporting in yesterday’s (always) must-read Political Scene in the Providence Journal. Governor Gina Raimondo and her administration have been working overtime to give raises and promotions – which is clearly just another way to slide a raise in place – to state workers.

and more than 625 promotions to what, in most cases, are higher-paying jobs. More than 130 of these new and higher-paying jobs now pay more than $100,000 …

Of course, as a report by the R.I. Center for Freedom and Prosperity from late 2012 shows,

State and local government workers enjoy significantly higher compensation levels than their private sector counterparts, according to data compiled for Rhode Island …

it isn’t the public sector that needs raises and promotions, it is the private sector. The actions by Governor Raimondo in inexplicably and energetically boosting public sector pay can only be exacerbating Rhode Island’s public/private pay inequity when our elected official should be working to do just the opposite.

  • Raymond Carter

    She promised JOBS JOBS JOBS, the Moron Majority (well plurality) elected her now they reap what they have sown.