A Christmas Auld Lang Syne


My favorite “pop” Christmas song of all time may be Bobby Darin’s Christmas Auld Lang Syne.

It starts off with the schmaltzy* imagery of “mistletoe and tinsel glow” — but just as such symbolism can and should, uses it to move to something more meaningful…

…first to how the surface stuff reminds us that it’s the time of year to return to family and friends, “back home I go to those I know”…

…and then even further, to what’s at the heart of the celebration, in the season of singing “in sweet accord to thank the Lord”.

Trust me, the actual music is better than my description of it. And as Mr. Darin himself says, Merry Christmas, everybody!

*Ian Donnis‘ word of the week.

  • Try "Blue Yule" for an R&B Christmas from Lightnin' Hopkins, Louis Jordan, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, and especially "Jingle Bell Boogie" by Big Jack Johnson.
    Produced by Rhino Records, 1991.

  • helen

    Loved Bobby Darin! But my pop taste isn't as refined. My favorite is " It's the little St. Nick",not by the Beach Boys,but by the Fendertones. (find on youtube,great version).

    For traditional warmth, and beautifully rendered songs such as "O Holy NIght" the group Celtic Woman is fantastic.

    Merry Christmas!