A Culture Of Silence In The Ocean State


In America, we must all remain free to voice our opinions without fear of state-sponsored persecution. It is reprehensible for any political elitists to collude to prosecute those who disagree with them on policy. For this reason, the Center is assisting a national nonprofit organization in a lawsuit demanding that the Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General release documents they have refused to make public. We believe that General Kilmartin, and his fellow enemies of debate, are seeking to maintain a cloak of invisibility over the national AG group’s attempt to crush dissent by those who disagree with their radical climate change agenda.

In June, the Center published an energy report that demonstrated how oppressive state renewable energy mandates, as part of the national climate change agenda, will cost taxpayers and ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars. These mandates will cause job losses in the thousands, and artificially raise local electricity rates. It is research and advocacy such as this that Kilmartin and his AG group are seeking to muzzle and potentially prosecute as criminal. No matter where you stand in the climate change debate, citizens must have the right to speak freely.

This culture of silence in the Ocean State is chilling. Why do so many elected officials and prominent people want you to be quiet? The rigged system protects the corrupt insiders. As we saw in the recent 38 Studios political whitewash, the machine will do what it takes to keep you from knowing the truth. Rhode Islanders want a government that works for everyone not just the chosen few. Things do not have to be this way in our state. We can have an open state government that serves the real needs of our families, and protects our freedom to achieve our dreams.

Elected officials saying things are getting better in Rhode Island is not enough, they must take action. We need action. Unless the Ocean State adopts the proven free market reforms that can transform our state, we will continue to see the negative trends continue. You can change the status quo. You must not allow anyone to silence you. By speaking out on the issues that affect your family, you can make a powerful statement to the insiders that you have had enough. Now is the time to be bold, and have our public policy culture make a complete turnaround.

[Mike Stenhouse is the CEO of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity.]

  • guest

    Didn’t know there was a ” national climate change agenda”, please post a link to the official website.

  • Russ

    Are you receiving funding from these groups who may face criminal charges? Talk about “maintaining a cloak of invisibility.” Seems like you should disclose the Center’s conflict of interest before calling out others for lack of transparency, no?

    The State Policy Network (SPN) is a network of conservative think tanks across the country that are largely funded by Koch-backed dark money groups DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund. Members of SPN have teamed up with the Beacon Hill Institute — another think tank funded by the oil billionaire Koch brothers — to run a misleading op-ed campaign against the Clean Power Plan. SPN affiliates attacking the Clean Power Plan include: Public Interest Institute (Iowa), Pelican Institute for Public Policy (Louisiana), The Rio Grande Foundation (New Mexico), The Civitas Institute (North Carolina), Palmetto Promise Institute (South Carolina), Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy (Virginia), MacIver Institute for Public Policy (Wisconsin), and The Texas Public Policy Foundation.

    • guest

      Perhaps there is also much that “Smarter Guest” doesn’t understand, or more likely doesn’t want to understand.