A Curious Delay in Test Scores


Wouldn’t it be good for Rhode Islanders to know how our education system is faring prior to next week’s election?  Apparently, Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo would prefer that you wait until after for information:

Last year, the Department of Education released its PARCC scores in August. This year, the scores on the new test won’t be released until late November, after the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

Of course, they’ve got the excuse that “the department needs more time to pull together the data” because it’s a new variation of the test, but the intervening election makes the claim suspicious.  One wonders how many discouraging facts are in the queue for release after the political contests have been decided.

We can’t have accountability in public education if government times information to affect political outcomes.

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  • Joe Smith

    This is an under reported story so glad you and others are starting to bring this topic up; RIDE hasn’t answered why Massachusetts (using basically the same test and given at the same time) has published their scores months ago.

    If the scores are lower, then the perception (which may also be reality) will be the Governor (or her staff for plausible deniability by her) dictated the delay. The other question is where is the Board of Education? That entity – in spite of having some union friendly members – has become an invisible and ineffective governance/oversight body.

  • true to my Constitution

    Ignorance is widespread in our state. Ignorance is strength!