A Deliberate Spectrum of Protest, from Riots Up


Overall, a Wall Street Journal article by Peter Nicholas and Carol Lee doesn’t exactly paint the picture of a White House in disarray, but rather of an ambitious president mixing things up and having to make adjustments in the process.  Those are very different stories, mostly of interest to those addicted to political news.

The more broadly significant, in my view, is this passage:

[Randy Bryce, political director of the local ironworkers union,]  learned through labor contacts the Secret Service had done a security check at a Harley factory in Menomonee Falls, Wis. He began organizing car pools and buses to bring demonstrators to the middle-class suburb in heavily Republican Waukesha County. Also, “we put up phone numbers for the [Harley] public-relations department and pretty much anybody we could get hold of,” Mr. Bryce said.

At Harley, which never acknowledged Mr. Trump planned a visit, executives became nervous about demonstrators, said a person familiar with their thinking. As word spread of the mounting protest, Mr. Trump’s appearance was canceled—at whose behest neither side has said.

Let’s stipulate that the labor union was planning a more-or-less standard union protest, maybe with some tense moments, but generally with a sense of control.  Even controlled protests, however, are now happening in an environment of potential riots, as seen at the University of California in Berkeley.

The first layer of threat against a company that takes the unextraordinary step of welcoming the President of the United States is that it will face organized boycotts and vitriol on social media.  If that isn’t sufficient, progressives have ensured a looming threat of property destruction, too.

Somehow, I don’t see this having the long-term effect that the activists want, but we’ll see.

  • Mike678

    Understandable. The President wants to drain the swamp. Those that live and thrive in it don’t want it drained. Note the actions of Reid and Whitehouse.

    • Merle The Monster

      Who’s going to drain the Trump swamp?

      • Mike678

        Your assumption is that there has to be a swamp. Perhaps because you thrive in the current one?

        • Merle The Monster

          The President Trump swamp is his refusal to release tax filings and his relationship with the Russians and with Putin. What say you?

          • Mike678

            I say you have a weak argument. Also, isn’t Putin a Russian?

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I find myself somewhat troubled by the small news stories. They concern our milliiitary training for civil insurrection and urban warfare. What you wish for, you train for tend to get. Amazing how that works.