A Familiar Strategy for Manipulating the Public


This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

This massive effort is laid out in a new report — “Private Interests and Public Office” — by the Energy and Environment Legal Institute. For the past year, E&E Legal used state and federal public-records requests to uncover whom the White House worked with to promote its environmental agenda, especially its newly unveiled “Clean Power Plan.”…

This sort of political advocacy requires money, so the governors’ offices reached out to Michael Bloomberg, the Rockefeller family and other wealthy liberal benefactors. They especially focused on Steyer, who was preparing to spend $100 million promoting environmental issues in the 2014 election.

I’m thinking, specifically, of the Raimondo backers who are funding the forthcoming Brookings Institution study.  When they say they’re trying to get everybody “on the same page,” what they mean is that they’re using their resources and access co-opt the missions of the public and private sectors to further their ideological (and/or self-interested) agenda.  By definition, it’s a conspiracy.

Yet, if anybody attempts to organize an opposition, they are put forward as the greedy schemers, through the news and entertainment media that are cooperating with the government-driven ideologues.  As they say, control the language and the narrative, and you win the social war, even if most of what you say is false and utter intellectual nonsense.

P.S. — If you’re wondering, yes, the EELI report does mention Rhode Island, albeit only once.  Of course, it would probably go without saying that Rhode Island’s two most recent governors would be on board with a scheme to boost green-energy special interests and give government greater control over society.