A Piece to the Lally Puzzle


The guessing game that arises with any government crony move is:  Why?  What’s the quid pro quo?  The case of Governor Gina Raimondo’s hiring of state Representative Donald Lally is arguably more difficult than the usual.  To be sure, Lally’s been around state government for at least a quarter century, so he’s certainly picked up leverage during that time, but what’s he got to offer Raimondo, especially now that he’s out of office?

Katherine Gregg may provide a piece of the puzzle with her Providence Journal story today:

House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello said he recommended Lally for the job based on “years of working with him in the House. I told her he is a very talented individual with a unique skill set… having served in the legislature for 26 years and that he would be a very valuable asset to whatever role he would fulfill on her staff.”

So, the safe money would bet that Lally’s hiring was a favor to Mattiello, which could be inspired simply by long friendship or by the political cachet of being able to get people well-paying jobs.  In a system like Rhode Island’s government, with all of the precedent (for example) that’s been set, people will begin to question a politician’s real ability to get things done if he can’t supply his friends with jobs.

The next question is what chip Mattiello cashed in with the governor.

  • Raymond Carter

    There’s no puzzle.
    Just the same old cronyism the Democrats have practiced since 1934.
    The brainwashed sheep that have continually elected this scummy party for 80 years deserve EVERYTHING they get. Raise car registrations to $500. Raise drivers licenses to $1000.
    We deserve every f****** bit of it.

  • Chris Gorham

    This move(Lally’s payday) probably could have been disguised a little more expertly as have others over the years but with this crew in the state house they’re proving that they that they have no shame.

  • Phil Hirons Jr

    I’m not sure if it’s lack of shame. While 38 studios may have impacted other deals like the Superman Building and 38 Stadium it had no serious impact on the make up of the GA. $100M of taxpayer money vanished like Keyser Söze and the GA moves on. They might be assuming the subterfuge of the past is no longer necessary as not enough people in any 1 rep or senate district will care enough to vote them out.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      What the state has needed for many years is a “good newspaper”. As the era of “dead tree news” fades, perhaps websites like this can be effective. It has been more than a century since Lincoln Steffens (not my favorite guy) wrote Rhode Island, A State for Sale. It seems little changed. http://www.starkman.com/hippo/history/aldrich/steffens.html