A Progressive Bill of Rights Not Needed


  • Phil Spadola

    Justin, Mike, Jared

    Is there anyone out there?

    • guest

      I think you mean is there anyone ELSE out there.

      • Philip Spadola

        No I don’t. The name associated with the post should be responsible for its content. Katz who is an employee of this “Center” should be responsible as well for the decision to publish the tweets of anonymous persons. Stenhouse is ultimately responsible as he is said to be the CEO of this “Center”. But I don’t hold out much hope the CEO would be willing to discuss his Center’s practices as I suspect that he himself is guilty of using a screen name on this site.

    • Mike678

      Of course, but ‘troll’ posts need no reply.

      If you don’t like the opinion or idea, perhaps you should put forward an argument to demonstrate that the author is incorrect. A reasoned, logical argument, please.

      • Philip Spadola

        Where’s the argument or idea ? I see only a social media rant by this anonymous “enraged citizen”, you guys put on your site. Where’s your integrity ? You are hiding behind a screen name while pushing who knows whose far right political agenda while enjoying tax free status. Deceitful and dishonest.

        • Justin Katz

          You have a sort of mystical notion about statements and “agendas,” as if a single statement from somebody carries his or her entire political philosophy like a hidden virus. A person made a single statement about a particular topic that I thought was interesting. It really doesn’t go farther than that.

        • Mike678

          You misunderstand–not the “you” in the previous post. Where is your argument? It appears to come down to “I don’t like what he/she is saying.” So what? I don’t like much of what you say, but you have a right to say it. Unless you want to limit free speech? Is it too inconvenient to your agenda?