A Quiet End to This Legislative Session Following Passage of the Highly Destructive Toll Plan?


Interesting article in GoLocalProv today by Russell Moore about the balance of the current legislative session. He spoke to some legislators, including Senator Ed O’Neill, who see a quiet end.

“They’re going to want to get the session over with and get out and on the campaign trail. They want to get out there and press the flesh because they’re concerned about RhodeWorks.”

Rhodeworks; a.k.a., the Governor’s highly destructive plan to bring tolls to Rhode Island. Indeed, many of us are very concerned about it, though, unlike the legislators referenced by Senator O’Neill (who wisely voted against tolls), our concern arises from the future of the state and not at all for the political futures of lawmakers who shoved the state over an economic cliff by voting for an open-ended, multi-billion dollar new tax burden in the form of tolls.

  • stuckinRI

    But they CARE about ‘us’. That’s why they want to “get the session over with” so they can hit the campaign trail and tell us how much good they have done over the last few years. Rhodeworks is good for us, we just don’t know it yet.
    What will be interesting is seeing how those who did vote for Rhodeworks will spin it as a good thing.