A Solution for School Shootings


  • Rhett Hardwick

    School was never like that and never will be. If you don’t sit with the cool kids at lunch, you’re going to shoot up the school. If that were true, it would have been going on for a hundred years.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Does anyone have a handle on when the “school shooting” phenomena began? Does the “Texas Tower Incident” (1968?) count?Does it correlate with the media propagandizing the “assault weapon”?

      • Justin Katz

        I think it’s generally accepted that Columbine represented a sort of turning point, at least in the aesthetic and broad motivation of the shooters.

        • Rhett Hardwick

          Just a thought that I wanted to share. How about attempting to organize Rhode Island as a “sanctuary state” for South Africans. English speakers (mostly) hard working, skilled (they had nuclear weapons before “majority rule”), European culture, looks good to me. The fact that the top song in SA is “Kill the Boer” should qualify them for something.

      • guest

        Try again, Whitman didn’t use an “assault weapon” Would it change your opinion if he did?

        • Rhett Hardwick

          Still trying to form an opinion. I don’t understand “black rifles”. Much preferring Walnut and blued steel. My idea of a good military rifle is an ’03-A3. Still, I suspect that the media has so popularized the AR-15, that in order to be taken seriously as a “school shooter”, you need a AR-15. Unfortunately they do not appear to be chambered for the NATO cartridge, so no “cheap” military ammo. This results in more tissue damaging hunting rounds being used. That is unfortunate.
          In Whitman’s time the AR-15, probably suffered from the poor reputation of the M-16. Particularly after it got out that a manufacturing contract for the M-16 had been given to Mattel Toy Co.