AG Suggests the Use of Government Staff Has No Cost


This snippet from yesterday’s Providence Journal Political Scene caught my eye.  Concerning Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin’s running his office as “part of the Trump resistance movement”:

The cost?

“Although the office has spent significant time reviewing the various legal actions brought by attorneys general, this work continues to be handled by staff, without the need for outside resources,″ Kempe said.

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Are we to understand that the AG’s staff is entirely volunteer, or that they would have been sitting around doing nothing if not for this activity?  Those are the only two ways an initiative to thwart the activities of the President of the United States wouldn’t have a monetary cost.

Otherwise, we ought to amend the Access to Public Records Act to take away government agencies’ ability to charge the person requesting information for the time of staff members in producing it, because as the AG’s office now suggests that using staff imposes no cost.

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