Again: Minimum Wage Increases Are Political Thievery


When I read the Providence Journal headline, “Rhode Island lawmakers propose $10.50 minimum wage,” I can’t help but wonder: Propose to whom?

A group of Rhode Island state lawmakers has proposed raising the state’s hourly minimum wage by 90 cents this summer.

The bill introduced Wednesday proposes increasing the minimum wage to $10.50 on July 1. The current $9.60 minimum took effect a year ago.

The answer, obviously, is that some legislators are proposing it to other legislators, who are no more the business owners who will be forced to foot the bill than are those doing the proposing.  This is an insular, disconnected group debating whether to claim a political reward for spending somebody else’s money.

Rhode Island legislators are the only group in the state empowered to promise people a nearly 10% increase in pay without having to come up with the money, or even to worry whether people lose their jobs over it.  They’re thieves, plain and simple.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “Political Thievery” Heard just a radio report of this yesterday. Although reported as a Massachusetts story, it involves a federal agency. Students of the “for profit” (heavy emphasis) ACI (American Careers Institute), now defunct, are having their student loans “cancelled”. The report states this will “cost the taxpayers” $30 Million. I am not sure why we are paying for the misfortune, poor judgment, of others. I strongly suspect “lobbying” by “nonprofit” institutions to create a sort of F.D.I.C. for student loans.

  • Politicians who propose incredibly foolish policies like this never take their proposals to their logical conclusions. If politicians can simply legislate prosperity and improve peoples’ lives by raising the minimum wage and since there is no economic justification for $10.50 any more than there is one for $9.60, why not $25 or $50 or $1,000/hr?