Agreement That RI Liberals Should Meet People Outside Their Comfort Zone


I had to chuckle at this paragraph from the Providence Journal’s “R.I. business innovators: 11 trailblazers to follow in 2016“:

As the head of the all-girls Lincoln School in Providence, [Suzanne] Fogarty, 48, is making sure her students have not only the skills but the mindset to be nimble in a fast-changing workplace. She is also pushing her students to experience people and places that extend well beyond their comfort zone.

Sadly, the subsequent paragraph makes clear that she’s not talking about having the school’s students meet, interact, and appreciate the points of view of conservatives, whether locally or in other parts of the country.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Seems to me the Lincoln School (Perhaps Wheeler) is sponsoring a trip to Cuba this year. My daughter went on a “resume builder” trip to an island to build an orphanage. When they got there, there were no materials, no one had any idea of why they were there. So,she spent two weeks on the beach. Looked good on her resume though.