An Advocate for All of Our Rights


Sara Alvizures of Central Falls deserves the support of anybody who values our Constitutional rights, whether or not they are religious:

When Sara Alvizures suffered a miscarriage in April, the mother of four other young children, she wanted to be wrapped in the loving embrace of her church family at Christ Community Church in Providence.

But Gov. Gina M. Raimondo, in an executive order aimed at halting the spread of the coronavirus, had barred the faithful from gathering. …

So now Alvizures has filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Raimondo, asking a judge to declare that the governor’s executive orders are an unconstitutional limit on freedom of religion.

Of course, religion is explicitly protected in the Bill of Rights, but the same dynamic applies to our rights to gather, to speak, to write, to conduct business, to live life.  Fundamentally, what Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo is doing is granting herself authority to decide what activities justify risk and which do not.  Left-wing protests are fine; graduation parties are not.  Casinos are in; funerals are out.

The governor, or anybody else, can hear the story of Sara Alvizures and say, “Yes, that’s a bummer, but she can live without comfort after a miscarriage.”  But it is fundamental to our rights that we get to make these decisions.

We should be grateful to Alvizures for stepping up in the courts, but more directly, we can act by simply not listening to illegitimate commands any longer.  Be smart, be careful, and be compassionate, but do it of your own free will and according to your own priorities.  Don’t surrender that basic privilege of your humanity because the governor and the news media have created an environment of fear.

  • Lou

    Maybe you can get your crack legal team to support the case. She’s going to need all the help she can get.

  • Joe Smith

    Justin – fear not, our Gov won’t be around long to clean up her mess..

    Ah though..poor Gina – caving into the unions with Evergreen bill and firefighter bill and still tagged as “not union friendly”… so I guess that means Treasury vice Commerce or Labor..

    Someone’s going to have to get Gina therapy though if Trump pulls a miracle out of his behind..stuck in RI for another 2 years with nowhere to go..

    Instead of lawsuit — how about getting all her family and friends to go protest in front of Nicky’s house.. or even better just get District 15 ballots and vote by mail!