And So Begins a New Phase of Paid Agitation


Rarely does one see such open racism in the pages of the Providence Journal — and never without implicit condemnation — as appears in today’s article about anti-Trump agitators in the streets of Providence:

“When we look at how the vote played out on Tuesday we saw white people betraying the working class,” [Mike Araujo, executive director of Rhode Island Jobs With Justice] said.

White people betrayed the working class?  Asking how this works, given Trump’s support among the white working class would be an overly intellectual response to what is nothing more than propaganda to cause tension in our society.

Araujo’s are racist words of civil war, and yet the local news media will continue to treat him as if he’s just a well-meaning advocate essentially participating in a charitable activity.  Indeed, the article spins the militant demonstration — with disaffected young adults chanting “not my president” — as “Facebook driven,” but one suspects any use of Facebook was incidental to the organization of the event.  (Even the small, hyper-local yoga pants march took days to coordinate, and that wasn’t nationwide, as this one was.)

Reporter, Mark Reynolds, pulls up short, merely characterizing Araujo as “the chief speaker at the event — the person with the megaphone,” but he doesn’t offer any information about his group, Rhode Island Jobs With Justice.  Araujo became the executive director of the registered non-profit “Rhode Island Jobs With Justice Education Fund” in May.  The previous director, Jesse Strecker, was paid around $42,000 per year in salary and other compensation as the organization’s only listed employee.  (I haven’t expanded my search to see whether these activists receive additional income from other related sources.)

The group’s funding source appears mainly to be labor unions, and the activities that taxpayers subsidize by treating it as a non-profit appear to be limited to political advocacy.  In the current case, it is actively fomenting discord and division in the United States.

Politicians at the top of this pyramid, like Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, get to call for unity while their shock troops on the ground march around with racist words of division and hatred.  No doubt, the calls for unity at the top will last until a convenient moment, and then the leaders of the movement will declare some action or statement of Trump’s simply beyond the pale and thereby unleash another level of disruption and violence from the paid troops.

Meanwhile, the media will cover it all as just the simple expression of concern about the evil of the other side.

  • Raymond Carter

    Reality is that the DEMOCRATS, who have run and ruined this state for over 80 straight years have betrayed the working class while creating a Kleptocracy and posing fraudulently as da party of da workin’ people.

  • Mike678

    It’s all they have–and, of course, failure.