And the Fake News Goes On and On


It looks like John Nolte has found a source of job security at The Daily Wire:

The original plan was to compile a list of the national media’s Fake News only as needed — but no more often than once a week. Unfortunately, our MSM has done so much lying in the last 5 days, I started to worry that I could lose track. Simply put, the last few days have been a fire hose of Fake News. Read everything below, and then try to make an argument that Steve Bannon isn’t 100% correct about the national media being the opposition party.

Locally, our ostensibly state-concerned major daily, The Providence Journal, has become like an anti-Trump pamphlet, not only in the wire stories it reprints, but also in the stories its own journalists pursue.  In doing so, the Projo is aiding local politicians in their strategy of putting Trump front and center as the latest reason Rhode Islanders shouldn’t look to closely at the mess our elected officials are making of the state.  Meanwhile, my impression mistaken, but it has seemed like the end of the anti-DePetro boycott of WPRO has caused a swing in the other direction, moving the station closer to being a platform for established interests.

We really need to develop a counter-balancing media environment.

  • Phil Hirons Jr

    They way WPRO’s ratings appear to be dropping it might be available at a bargain basement price soon.

  • More than a few notches… Given WPRO’s numbers slump,it’s fair to say Smith Hill dictated the “Rules of Engagement” and will keep WPRO on short leash. I reckon I’ve lived in RI too long but today’s engagement between DY and Spkr Mattiello come off as orchestrated…