Annette Lloyd: Crushed Freedom Inspires Another Escape Plan


Rhode Island’s ban on flavored vaping shows a mentality that Rhode Islanders increasingly want to escape.

I’m constantly confused by politicians who think that their election also comes with honorary degrees in medicine, education, commerce, and the like… that upon their election, they have a right to appoint themselves as doctor, teacher, etc., to their constituents. Most of our elected officials are purely bought and sold tools of one lobby or another. They know no more than you or me.

Informed adults don’t need this kind of micro-supervision. Vaping has allowed me to get away from cigarettes, and I imagine the hundreds of thousands or millions of vapers in New England resent having their legal sources of vaping suddenly cut off with no compelling research into the public health effects of the habit.

This ban is a terrible trend by our governor. What she isn’t considering are the local small businesses she is destroying. There are plenty of online sources (for now) which will take more money out of RI. And, even more crucially, those who use vaping as a safer alternative to smoking will be forced to return to tobacco products. Maybe Governor Raimondo has missed the tax dollars from each pack of cigarettes purchased in RI.

The messages she is sending, of government overreach and a total lack of consideration of the ramifications of her edict, are yet another nail in this beautiful state’s casket. The R and I are, increasingly, standing for Really Idiotic.

Once our son is done with high school and Boy Scouts, we are fleeing. In search of freedom and some self-respect.

  • Makaha Ken

    I agree with you 100% and applaud you for your sacrifice to the Darwin Theory of evolution including not being able to experience and enjoy your son’s accomplishment of high school graduation walking across the stage.

    CDC has reported in newspapers findings that laboratory mice exposed to vaping smoke are now developing cancer cells.

    I was a very heavy smoker and started to pass out and have shortness of breath so I went to my doctor who sent me for tests. To make a long story short, the eye, ear, nose specialist found a tumor growing in my air passage way. Lucky it turned out benign but still had to be surgically removed but I had to go through 6 months of testing for brain damage due to cutting off my air supply at times.

    I haven’t smoked in over 25 years and consider myself very lucky.

    So as I indicate, you are 100% right and you have the legal right to kill yourself due to expressed liberty. Please just make sure all your medical bills are paid in full so hospitals don’t tack on your arrears to other patient’s bills. Thank You for making the world and human race safer adhering to Darwin’s Theory!!