Another Objective Journalist Signs on as Staffer for Democrat Politician


It’s a small thing, perhaps, but since I’ve taken to noting when this happens, it’s worth adding this to the series:

State Treasurer Seth Magaziner has hired Tatiana Pina, a much respected former Providence Journal reporter, to work in his communications office. 

Pina started work on June 8 as a $62,918 “assistant communications director for the retirement system,’’ according to the lead spokeswoman for the treasurer’s office, Shana Autiello.

It’s funny.  When I finally managed the leap from carpenter to full-time policy and politics writer, I met with a bunch of folks in the local field, and journalists would scrupulously decline my offer to pick up the tab for a $6 sandwich, or whatever.  The concern, I guess, is that it might look like an attempt to sway their reportage, or something.

It is now regular practice for Rhode Island journalists to step up to jobs in the offices of local officials, who are almost always Democrats, around here.  How could it not affect the reportage of journalists to know that they may want to leave open the option to work for the people on whom they’ve been reporting?  If you’re reporting on — say — the statewide Tea Party or — for example — the activities of a small GOP caucus, the odds of ever getting a job with either group are very small, but the odds of getting a job with the people whom they’re criticizing are pretty big.

One could argue that communications jobs aren’t explicitly political, but they are geared toward making the office holder and his or her policies and actions look good.  There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but readers should approach the news with full awareness of the incentives for the people producing it.

  • Mike678

    Well, they wouldn’t work for a Republican, would they? Where is the money in that?

  • Spinner

    Did you apply, Justin? You’ve been trying to spin silk from sh!t on this website for a while now. You may get better at if you find that job you’ve been looking for with the security of a pension and “gold-plated” benefits.

    • Mike678

      Perhaps you should have left it. It did nothing but highlight the ignorance, hate and vitriol that is a typical of many on the “tolerant” left. Pity the man–imagine a life that could make a person be that small.

  • Guest

    Must be cloudy…the ignorant troll is out again.

  • Warrington Faust

    Did the mythology of a an independent, fact oriented, journalism spring from the “free press”? At least in some bygone “golden era” newspapers advertised their bias by including “Democrat”, or “Republican” in their title. Perhaps we should begin by losing “trusted” “anchormen” and adopt the BBC manner “here is the news, read by” so and so. As always, it falls to the reader to apply their life experiences to interpreting the news.

  • ShannonEntropy

    *** Newsflash !!! ***


    And in equally startling news … Ocean discovered to be wet !!!