Another Welcome Fire-and-Brimstone ProJo Editorial


… yup, the hits keep coming. All of this makes a very good case for candidates this November who have 1.) not participated in this “rot” and 2.) has not voted for the status quo (tolls and the 2017 budget, to name two of the biggest items).

Dubious grants that benefited Mr. Gallison (who is under federal investigation) brought into question the whole system of handouts by legislative leaders without proper vetting or any attempt to weigh the state’s overall interests. …

A poll shows three-quarters of Rhode Island voters support the line item veto, as does the governor. Forty-four other states benefit from it. But legislative leaders in this state still stubbornly refuse to put it on the ballot. …

This week, we learned that Rep. John Carnevale, a former police officer who has a tax-free disability pension and is vice chairman of the House Finance Committee, is evidently living outside of his district. When he discovered WPRI-12 cameras filming him, the station reported, “he walked out of sight and returned with his face wrapped in a T-shirt, seemingly to avoid being seen on tape” — a literal cover-up.