As the General Assembly Releases Its Budget, at Least the National Economy Is Improving


On a sunny Saturday morning, while another depressing state budget dominates the local media’s output, this is a nice bit of news to recall from the week:

While the DC press corps worries whether Trump was booed at a White House event and curates elaborate conspiracy theories about Melania, a slightly more important story isn’t getting enough pixels. The economy is doing so well that, for the first time ever, there are now more job openings in the US than unemployed Americans.

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Of course, this is national news, and my employment and Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) research suggests Rhode Island is not (let’s just say) maximizing the advantage.

  • Mike678

    A rising tide floats all boats–but boats with a lot of dead weight in them don’t float as high–or as fast. It’s sad, and somewhat pathetic, to see how hate and/or ideology blind so many to the good things occurring in this great country.