Assets Forfeited and Returned by RI Police


Based on data provided by the attorney general’s office responding to an Access to Public Records Act (APRA) request, the state’s various police agencies have seized $10,337,190 worth of cash and property since 2012, returning $1,417,559.  That’s an 86% forfeiture rate.



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That rate is not evenly distributed across programs, however.  Law enforcement kept every dollar seized under a search warrant or on the grounds of eluding police, with other crimes producing the following forfeiture rates:

  • Tobacco: 10%
  • Gambling: 30%
  • Prostitution: 50%
  • Counterfeiting: 60%
  • Narcotics: 92%

  • Tommy Cranston

    I wonder how these small forfeitures take place. Please tell me cops are not stopping people for minute traffic violations, asking them how much money they have and then stealing a few hundred bucks?
    We need to end the war on drugs and the ever expanding police state. What a joke that the blacks who are most damaged by these things keep stupidly voting for the party that has created the police state.