Assumptions in the Elimination of Parental Rights


An advocacy-as-news article from Megan Mitchell, a reporter/anchor for WLWT in Ohio, inadvertently brings into stark relief a flawed assumption and deadly blind spot in the promotion of transgenderism among children.  Teresa Schrader supports the decision of her daughter, Riggins, to present as a boy:

“I know my transition was easier because of my family and friends, but I also know that other kids like me don’t have it as easy because they don’t have the support,” said Riggins.

The new bill, proposed by Ohio Rep. Thomas Brinkman (R), from Mt. Lookout, would require school and hospital staff to inform a parent if a child indicates they aren’t sure about their gender.

Transgender advocates say the bill can create an unsafe environment for transgender children who aren’t supported by their family.

“The suicide rate for transgender kids is around 40%. So who wants their kid to possibly commit suicide because they’re not feeling comfortable with who they are or their not feeling supported?” said Schrader.

In an argument over legislation that would require teachers and therapists to inform parents of their children’s gender dysphoria, the party asking what parent wants his or her child to commit suicide should be the one insisting that parents have a right to know what’s going on with their children.  Schrader is assuming not only that satisfying the transgender impulse can be the right answer, but that it should be assumed always to be the right answer if the child with the dysphoria thinks it is, and that some parents might actually be willing to risk his or her suicide to disagree.

The more dreadful point, though, is the one less remarked upon.  The implicit argument is that schools and therapists should help to push children — children in a group that is more prone to suicide — into a situation in which they’re deceiving their parents about something supposedly central to their identities, possibly changing their own biology behind their parents’ backs.

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A reasonable argument might exist that the legislation should be amended to account for those extreme and rare circumstances in which a parent can be excluded from the notice, but even getting that far is apparently beyond consideration.  Parents are villains until proven woke.

Rhode Islanders should pay attention, because policies being promulgated at the state and local levels infringe on parents’ rights in exactly the way Representative Brinkman is striving to remedy in Ohio.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “The suicide rate for transgender kids is around 40%.”
    I would suspect these kids have far more problems than just gender confusion.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    When something like “transgenderism” suddenly pops up and becomes the focus of much of the public’s attention, I wonder. Am I the only one here with sufficient memory to recall the Skinhead crisis of the 70’s, the Satanic Cult mania of the 80’s and 90’s, the Day Care Sexual Abuse mania of the 80’s and 90’s. “Skinheads” were on the cover of Time, with assurance that they were the greatest threat to America. Police pulled over people with shaven heads on “suspicion”. Now police regularly shave their heads. Satanic Cults were everywhere, police were constantly assuring the public that they were investigating the possibility of Satanic Cult activity. Movies of that era were full of Satanic activity. The Day Care Sex Abuse cases were horrific. They went on for years with newspapers constantly printing ever more lurid tales. People were sent to jail. “Recovered Memory” was validated and became admissible evidence in our courts. The three largest cases in America went on for 10 years. Eventually all charges were dropped, and the “convicted” let out of jail. Who remembers the “Coming Ice Age” which gave us “Earth Day”? In more recent months we had the “Terrorist Clowns” appearing everywhere. Who remembers these things? Who extrapolates from them?

    “Human Trafficking” I suggest a study of the “White Slavery” mania of about a century ago. Remarkably similar, replete with “Jewish cadets” coursing over Europe and suborning “farm girls” to come to America, where they were forced into prostitution.

    If you don’t remember these things, Google them,.