Best/Worst List Highlights Insanity of Bill That Would Jack RI’s Already High Energy Costs


As part of its informative Best and Worst Bills of 2016, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity highlights this especially egregious bill.

Despite Rhode Island having some of the highest energy rates in the nation, a bill that would impose a new fee on carbon-based energy, resulting in even higher energy costs for most families and businesses, ranks among the worst bills yet to be voted on according to the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, which today updated its list of the BEST and WORST bills of the 2016 General Assembly session.

Most of us, including myself, will greet with champagne and hearty applause the invention/discovery of a cheap, widely available, reliable, sustainable, “green” energy source, if and when this ever happens. Meanwhile, the sole effect of taxing (let’s call it what it is) politically incorrect fuel sources will be to needlessly make it even more expensive for individuals to live in RI and businesses to operate here.

(By the way, check out how your own legislators are doing so far this session on the Center’s 2016 RI Freedom Index.)

  • Mike678

    Our elites generally don’t see us as people whose lives they are empowered to make better by creating the conditions that allow us the freedom to flourish. Rather, the productive are viewed as sheep to be sheered. When, I wonder, do we show them we aren’t sheep?

    • Raymond Carter

      Actually the Moron Majority, on the first Tuesday of November in every even numbered year, shows them we ARE sheep.

  • Guest

    Currently there are two alternate energy renewable green technologies that provide proven constant baseline electric power 24/7 365-days a year both seaborne and from sea to shore power plant facility with a side product of desalinated drinking water. Windfarm power and solar photovoltaic power is not baseline power but constantly fluctuating variable electric power.

    First; is the Australian made Carnegie Wave Energy Limited patented
    CETO wave energy technology that can be used in any ocean around the world uses kinetic wave energy to move submersible saucer like structures which in turn drive hydraulics building pressure to drive electric turbines on land and also a ocean water desalination device. Current tests are under way for an all in one CETO wave energy device with pumps and electric generators housed inside the submersible saucer. Carnegie Wave Energy Limited patented CETO wave energy technology has been under test for over 13,000 operational hours providing power and drinking water to Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, located on Garden Island:

    Second; nowhere in the world has anyone successfully built and operated an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) power plant at commercial levels providing clean baseline electrical power and desalinated drinking water except in State of Hawaii. This clean renewable green technology
    works best in oceans where you have deep cold water and warm surface water. An open loop and a closed loop floating OTEC power plants were built, tested and operated to commercial levels in 1979 and 1980s in Hawaii. OTEC uses warm surface water to boil ammonia into steam to drive an electric generator and deep cold water to condense steam back
    to liquid sending it back through the cycle.

    Currently an on-shore OTEC power plant has been constructed and connected to the power grid at the Natural Energy Laboratory of
    Hawai‘i Authority (NELHA). This is also a test stand for companies around the world to connect up to three heat exchanger designs for OTEC efficiency tests. A 1MW expandable to 10MW expandable to 100MW floating OTEC is under design and construction to be connected to the Hawaiian Electric Company power grid on Island of Oahu. OTEC is 95% self-sufficient and with photovoltaic solar power to fill in the 5% to become 100% self-sufficient: and :

  • Mike678

    Really? It’s only Carceiri’s fault? If so, I wonder why the program is still ongoing after he left office years ago. Curious….it must have support in our overwhelmingly Democratic legislature…much like 38 studios.

    • Guest

      Mike678 as “guest” points out; “Mikey, you didn’t have a lot
      of creditability to begin with, but to hang 38 Studios on anyone but its #1 cheerleader shows how blinded by ideology you really are.”

      If you had taken the time to read Connecticut Law Review,
      Volume 45 – Issue 4; “SECOND WIND: A LEGAL AND POLICY-BASED EVALUATION OF THE BLOCK ISLAND WIND FARM AND THE LEGISLATION THAT SAVED IT”, by Brian M. Gibbons before making your comment to me; “Really? It’s only Carceiri’s fault? If so, I wonder why the program is still ongoing after he left office years ago. Curious….it must have support in our overwhelmingly Democratic legislature…much like 38 studios.” you would have seen a more personally involved Donald Carcieri.

      Strange as it seems, Governor Donald Carcieri boxed in the Democratic General Assembly with the changes in laws for green renewable alternate energy, micro managing Rhode Island Public Utility Commission, requirements for
      National Grid to purchase renewable energy and his personal intervention in the Rhode Island Supreme Court Legal Challenge to halt Deepwater Wind which caused
      the judge to find for Deepwater Wind and the legality of the Purchase PriceAgreement effectively shutting down all legal challenges. If the elected Democratic General Assembly were to vote against the renewable energy laws championed by Governor Donald Carcieri the tree huggers would have had their heads on stakes! Donald Carcieri played a very smart political game but very dumb and costly and not well thought out for Rhode Island taxpayers and electric ratepayers.

      Governor Donald Carcieri and administration brought you more than 38 studios; the Capco Steel, Providence $5 million loan bankruptcy default, Providence Fruit & Produce Warehouse debacle where the state purchased the historic Providence Fruit & Produce Warehouse for $14.1 million with help of a federal grant to protect it; sold it for a $10 million loss to a developer who demolished it causing the federal government to demand reimbursement of the grant funds which federal government withheld DOT funds for repayment, 38 Studios $78 million loan bankruptcy default now estimated $112 million with interest and massive yet to be fully played out gross financial raping of state taxpayers and electric ratepayers to the extent Rhode Island might lose the Naval War College and Naval Undersea Warfare Center which will sink Rhode Island into bankruptcy due to Carcieri’s pet project for his Chief of Staff; now CEO Jeffrey Grybowski Deepwater Wind Block Island demonstration wind farm.

  • Mike678

    Lol. Classic projection.

    I note you didn’t address the key issue but then again, we don’t expect reason or clear thinking from you.