Big Companies Want Conformity Over Your Rights


How dramatically progressives have lost their narrative!

A little while ago, I was sitting with one of my children, who was watching a Lego movie.  If you care about spoilers, stop reading, but key to my point in this post is how thoroughly cliché the message was.

From what I could tell while not really watching, the villain of the movie was attempting to impose uniformity on the Lego world, using superglue as his weapon.  Toward the end of the movie, the cartoon turns out to be a dimension in the Lego world with real life overlaying it.  Like the villain, the father in the story gets upset when his son messes with his perfectly ordered Lego construction.

Like so many mainstream stories before it, the too-obvious-to-miss message was that suppressing individualism is evil.

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This time, though, I happened to be reading a Catholic News Agency article about a number of major companies that have signed on to an amicus brief opposing the right of a small baker in Colorado to decide that it would violate his principles to apply his craft to celebrate particular events:

The companies’ brief said they believe that non-discrimination laws “ensure all Americans are treated with dignity and respect.” They said such laws improve profitability, productivity and creativity in the workplace. Arguing that the lawsuit’s exemption claims are “broad and ill-defined,” they said such claims will “create uncertainty and impose unnecessary costs and administrative complexities on employers”

So, here come the super-powerful corporate giants seeking to impose conformity on the world for the sake of their own administrative convenience, and the villain is whom?  Behold the power of political correctness.