BJ’s Enters the Political Fight


As a member since the last century (according to my card), I’m was concerned to come across this news:

The BJ’s in Seekonk has canceled a book signing that [former Trump spokesman Sean] Spicer was scheduled to hold there on Saturday to mark the release of his new book, “The Briefing,” which came out Tuesday, according to Spicer’s publisher.

“We got word last Friday the store was canceling ‘due to the political climate,'” a spokesperson for Regnery Publishing said in an email.

The story is still developing, and it looks like there may be some conflict going on between the larger company and this particular store:

“After two different reporters called the store today to find out why the event had been canceled, we received a note from corporate saying they wanted to proceed as originally planned,” the email continued. “However, there seems to be some confusion because the store is still telling people who call that the event has been canceled.”

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We’ll see how things play out, but it’s easy to imagine some local manager either being worked up or made skittish by aggressive feedback from activists.  Personally, I’m not exactly zealous for Trump, and I’ve got no special affection for Spicer, but I’m less interested in giving money to a wholesale shopping club that gets involved with politics at all, especially when it sides in a direction generally opposed to my views.