Citizen Block Has a Message for Citizen Cianci


Ken Block, who spoke briefly yesterday at the Rhode Island Taxpayers‘ summer meeting (in the role of past president), has a reminder for former WPRO afternoon talk show host Buddy Cianci (who you may have heard has moved on to other endeavors), about a bet that’s awaiting payoff…

The keynote at yesterday’s meeting was delivered by Rhode Island House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, who addressed a range of substantive policy areas. I’ll have a post (or posts) up tomorrow, covering the agenda for Rhode Island that was discussed by the Speaker and by the other small-s speakers who participated in the event.

  • Dan

    It will be a great day for Rhode Island when doing good is a real cause for celebration instead of just undoing bad.

  • MoniqueAR

    "(who you may have heard has moved on to other endeavors)"

    He HAS??? I hadn't heard!!! /joshing

  • Pamela

    By doing good and standing up for the tax payers, I lost my job…I was called controversial for helping families and children. I am still being bullied for this so called "crime".

  • jOHN


    • Max D

      Isn't it about time somebody got angry? Just sayin'…