Civility Deteriorates Further Under Mattiello and Raimondo


I’ve attended a lot of legislative hearings at the Rhode Island State House, and they’re often an exercise in endurance and almost always give one a sense that the plan is to dissuade the public from paying attention, as I described for last May.  Usually, though, the only real insult is the contempt and lack of serious that one would expect when the people conducting a long hearing know it’s just a dog and pony show.

House Finance under Raymond Gallison (D, Bristol, Portsmouth) has been particularly bad, though, and yesterday’s 9+ hour hearing on Governor Raimondo’s toll-and-borrow RhodeWorks plan was exacerbated by the attitude of Dept. of Transportation Director Peter Alviti, which drew multiple remarks on Twitter about his rudeness and arrogance from people present and watching on television.  Goading his behavior, no doubt, was Gallison’s repeated practice of intervening on his behalf in exchanges with Republican committee members, even chastising Patricia Morgan (R, Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick) when Alviti had interrupted her.  Also prodding Alviti on was the vocal backing of Michael Sabotini of the Laborers union (which recently employed Alviti) and a gaggle of other labor lobbyists in the audience.

Here’s a clip of the most egregious moment.  The performance-art cackling you hear in the background is Sabotini and cronies:

Anybody who’s gone to a school committee or town council meeting during a labor dispute will recognize the bullying strategy of both Alviti and his backers.  It’s rare at legislative hearings with executive-branch department heads, though, and it’s unfortunate to see us descending to this level.  The governor and her transportation director should publicly apologize to Morgan and to the people of Rhode Island.

  • Ted Vecchio

    I caught some of this on Capitol Tv last night. It is outrageous to think that these “leaders” have sunk to this level. Or maybe they haven’t sunk maybe this is just the way they are. It is embarrassing to think that such arrogance and ignorance is tolerated. This is supposed to be a body that represents the citizens of RI and I for one feel ignored.

    • Raymond Carter

      The union whores have EVERY right to keep laughing at the moron majority of this state that continues to vote for them-every election since 1934. I hope I live to see a $20 toll on every highway on ramp; we deserve every bit of it. Thank You for voting Democrat.
      Tommy Cranston