Clinton’s Record and Our Division Over Reality


Just a reminder from Deroy Murdock on National Review Online:

Former secretary of state Clinton is a free woman largely thanks to the tender loving care that the FBI provided her and her conspirators during its probe of her illegal, unsecure email server and related abuse of government secrets. GOP lawmakers concluded this after grilling FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on December 21, behind closed doors, according to John Solomon’s molar-grinding exposé in Tuesday’s The Hill.

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Murdock lays out the case, and one could certainly argue the propriety of prosecuting political opponents, balanced against the wisdom of allowing campaigning to become a means of immunity, but the Left and the mainstream media don’t want to acknowledge that this is what we’d be doing.  Instead, they perpetuate this sharp division in the public’s awareness, wherein their audience believes that President Trump has been proven incompetent and is skating the razor’s edge of indictment while all allegations against their allies have been proven false and most of the rest of us who follow the news conclude that the president has been all but exonerated (despite a corrupt investigation) and the Obama administration (under which umbrella Clinton crouches) is still avoiding consequences for its bad actions.

I’ve no doubt that an honest exploration of misbehavior across the board would breed division over who should be prosecuted for what, but that would have to be better than our current condition of division over reality.

  • Censored

    “despite a corrupt investigation”…keep drinking the kool-aid, Justin. Who are you accusing of corruption?

    Where is your “outrage” over the use of private e-mail for public business by Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon? Is it non-existent because of who they work for?

    You need to do a little better. Benghazi!

  • Mike678

    Ideology often prevents people from acknowledging reality–see the comments of “censored” who obviously wasn’t censored. But rather than argue without facts, perhaps it’s better to let the justice system do it’s work.